“Dimensions, Light and Whimsy” by Guest Poet Candice James


Candice James

Copyright 2010


I’m sitting outside on a cool balmy night

And pondering the science and laws of light

The glow on the horizon is a sizzling twinkle

And I’m wond’ring about a space time wrinkle


A hundred and eighty six thousand two hundred and two

Miles per second to reach me and you

And how does it know when to reflect or refract

It boggles my mind to think of this fact.


How did they figure out this measurement

If, like they say, time and space are bent?

Does light change speed when it nears a black hole

Or does it get swallowed faster like a dead mole?


If there was no light and I wrote in the dark

I wonder if I could decipher each mark.

And could folks understand what I wanted to say

With my pen strokes up and down and each every way.


Many a great brilliant soul inspiration

On paper might seem a senseless aberration.

This line of thought promises no recompense

And right now I’ve had enough of this nonsense


Enough of this madness and aimless mind chatter

If I keep it up I’ll go mad as a hatter

So suffice it to say light’s my very best friend

It allows me to write when day comes to an end.


I continue sitting outside on my lawn

This mind exercise tired me out and I yawn

So I’ll stop wrestling with my foolish head

It’s getting late and I should be in bed


So I’ll stop thinking about this space time wrinkle

And won’t wonder when that star up there started to twinkle

I’ll step into my quantum bed and dream some quarky dreams

Where everything I believe in is not what it seems


Anxiously I’ll step into a parallel dimension

Where the past and the future defy suspension.


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