‘Sharma Lon’ by Guest Poet Candice James

I dreamed of a mystical land in lost sea.

As I walked the shoreline of eternity,

Waves danced with sand beneath my bare feet.

The aroma of palm trees drifting to meet me

As I took my leave to Sharma Lon.


I rode the high crest of descending wave

Into well disguised, endless, decadent cave;

Dark, darker, darkest;  no turning back;

Dim light in the distance through crevice did crack.

Of a sudden the sun, moon, the stars were gone.


Nearing the crevice I saw it expand.

I thought for a moment I’d glimpsed God’s hand,

Then a yellow clawed talon parted black curtain.

Heaven was lost.  Of this, I was certain.

In the corner a red Ungodly light shone.


Dark gun metal boat with cracked mast was tethered.

To rock jawed dock, grey sails torn and feathered.

Iron claw clutched my arm, I was led to her side,

To travel blood’s river where chained ghosts abide

Deep inside yon Neverland, Sharma Lon.


Then a sudden explosion of dark carnal sin;

Naked maids, nude boys without and within,

Trapped in the fixed gaze of lost yang and yin.

Lost broken souls with hearts of black tin

Lining the bleak alleys of Sharma Lon.


Skeletons once clothed in flesh, hung by bone

On rusted bell tolling in ear piercing tone.

Incubus suckling a young demon soul;

Worm squirming out from crushed eye socket hole;

No angels dared enter feared Sharma Lon.



The boat moaned and groaned with guttural grind.

Death, rage, destruction began to unwind

In film noire clip resurrected to life,

Witnessing the temptation, war, fall and strife;

Once rosy cheeks now turned ghostly and wan.


A red demon devil with black charcoal eyes,

From Lucifer’s fiery pit, began to rise.

Spectre with sceptre, the Trident of Hell,

Ruling rife kingdom and bastards pell mell,

In the heart of Hades where light never shone.


Down the back of my neck, hot fetid breath dripped

Rancid fog from dead carcass cut open, ripped.

A voice spewing danger, warned us as we passed

Of Hell’s lake of fire where my soul would be cast

Into eternal night with no rumor of dawn.


The poison was poured.  I was handed the vial.

I forced my eyes closed in hope of denial.

Then suddenly hovering harsh over my head,

Masked ghoul, double edged axe echoing the dead.

My skull was to decorate dark Sharma Lon.


I smelled flesh burning in cloyed acrid stench.

As demons with red eyes rose from fiery trench.

The steel of sharp Trident pierced skull, heart and gut.

Harsh screams and pain’s agony waking me up,

Though beads of sweat, nausea still lingered on.


Dawn’s blazing light,

Gone was the night!


In the arms of the angels, alive and awake,

I ride on their wings and feel heaven shake.

The mystical nightmare I dreamed of is gone;

Swallowed up in a sweet angel’s yawn,

This living nightmare of dead Sharma Lon.

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