TAEM Interview with Actress Emma Zerner

Headshot by Michael Maples

TAEM- Our magazine is currently running an exciting new comedy Web Series titled ‘Pink Slip’, produced by Muriel Campbell. Muriel is the wife of famed producer Robert F. Campbell, who produced many of the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ programs that we have watched on television. We have also interviewed Robert in one of our past issues.

We would like to present a multi-talented actress who stars in the web series and can be seen regularly in the Web Series section of our magazine. Emma Zerner is not only a budding actress, but is also a well known model. Emma, when did you first begin your modeling career?

EZ- I first started my modeling career in 2009! I had always wanted to do fashion shows, and had dreams of walking the catwalk, showcasing designers’ creations, but I just didn’t know how to get started. A few years before that, I had done some smaller shoots from LA based beauty schools, modeling the students hair and makeup creations. It wasn’t until 2009, I did my first fashion show, which was for Bright Lights LA, and I got the chance to model brands Finn Apparel and Dawning of Our Lives Denim. I was so excited, it was like a dream come true! From there,  I got my first fashion show shots, and started to get numerous fashion shows back to back. I ended up doing Official LA Fashion Week in 2010 for the Millinery Guild (couture hats), both in March and October.

TAEM- Tell us about your earliest modeling work and the training that you took for it.

EZ- Apart from my first modeling work being for various beauty schools around the Los Angeles area, my training was basically learning as I go. I was able to network with makeup artists, fashion designers, and directors of fashion shows, so I received work from them that way. By doing repeated photo shoots for designers, hair and makeup artists, I was able to learn my better angles, poise, and feel the composition of my face more, so I could achieve the look that was desired for the photo shoot/print job. I was and am always open to pointers, suggestions, and critique, so that I may better the final result, and get offered more jobs.

TAEM- You also hold a degree in gemology as well as retail merchandising. How have these prepared you for your career?

EZ- Getting this quality education has provided me with countless attributes that aid in my entertainment career. Because of going to such great schools like University of Minnesota and the Gemological Institute of America, I am totally capable of having many balls in the air, because it has taught me to have such a large skill set, which is needed to adapt to the changes around me. I am able to take care of myself, put time into modeling, focus on getting published, land commercials, do my music, and more. I believe it has taught me to have an even temperament, and not get so stressed out when I am busy, or when things might not always go the way I want them to go. Many people cave under stress or take it out on others, but I have learned that if  I brainstorm and bounce back quickly, I am able to overcome the obstacle, or forget about the setback.

Emma Zerner So Delicious Electrop Pop Single Cover Art: Photo by Louie Santos, Art by Fresh Faces Online (www.reverbnation.com/emmazerner)

Emma Zerner So Delicious Electrop Pop Single Cover Art: Photo by Louie Santos, Art by Fresh Faces Online (www.reverbnation.com/emmazerner)

TAEM- Please tell our readers about some of the fashion shows and magazines you appeared in.

EZ-I have been featured in many fashion shows for many LA based designers. Some of my favorite designers I have modeled for include Sue Wong (for the Asia Gala Event last year at the Biltmore) who designs breathtaking dresses for the stars,  Houstina Summers, who designs whimsical dresses and stunning ball gowns, Mon Atelier Couture Gowns for the Furniture Maker Fashion Show, Finn Apparel, because their outfits are adorable. I did Official LA Fashion Week both in March and October last year.  I can’t forget about Simons Tailoring Boutique (the boutique is located in Canoga Park), and I’m Dreaming of Vintage line.  I have also walked in shows that have been sponsored by Nicole Miller and Robert Rodriguez.

Some of the magazines I have been in have included Queen Hype Magazine, LA Xpress, Glendale Quarterly Mailer Magazine,  Effective Magazine,  Avoir Magazine, and my blog was featured in March 2010 issue of 944 magazine. I have been featured in countless on-line features like Online Jamming Music Magazine, NME Magazine, Pure Cash Magazine,  WallofStyles, and more. I have been featured in apparel and photographer’s Look Books, in addition to being in photographers’ Look Books, and I have been featured on BC Furtney’s cover for the novel Scarla.  For all of my up-to-date resume, please see my official website, www.emmazerner.com.

TAEM- We understand that you hosted some of the hottest fashion shows  known. Tell us about this aspect of your career.

EZ-I have been very fortunate for this opportunity to host these fashion shows. I have hosted for Supastar World and Kami Shade at Bungalow club in 2010 for LA Fashion Week last year, in addition to a few others. I got to host for Houstina Summers and Holly Waas at Agenda Lofts this March 2011, sponsored by the prestigious press agency, Wireimage, which was held at Agenda Lofts. They did a lovely job putting this fashionable event together.

Photo by Nelson Shen, Styling by Simon's Tailor Shop

TAEM- Recently you began to appear in the hilarious web series, ‘Pink Slip’ which we display monthly in our magazine’s Web Series section. How exciting was this for you to join the cast of this show?

EZ-I am so happy to be a part of this web series, because in my heart, I believe that it is very special, and I am certain that it will grow beyond being a web series! Not only have I had the chance to work with Bob (Robert F. Campbell), and Muriel Campbell, who are super nice, generous, and hospitable, but I have had the chance to meet a great group of actors, that really seem to bring something unique to the series.  We are currently up to episode 7, with more in production. I trust that Bob, Muriel, and everyone else who oversees the production of this project, will make it grow into something truly fantastic!

TAEM- We understand that you play two different characters in the series. Tell us all about the character named Joy, that you portray.

EZ-I started out as a featured fashion model, and then I got to play the role of plain jane Joy. Joy is someone who doesn’t seem to get “it” somehow. People are trying to take advantage and laugh at her, but she seems so oblivious to the fact. She makes her own unstylish clothes, and schleps’ about. I can identify a lot with this character! Who doesn’t feel like the people you like turn on you, or have an ulterior motive?

TAEM- What is her role in the series?

EZ-Her role starts out as small, and is going to grow into something bigger, with a transformation somewhere along the way, where she grows a backbone.

TAEM- You also play the mystery model Yelena as well. How does she interact with all the other characters within the show?

EZ-Everyone thinks that she is glamorous, and says somewhat insignificant things, that don’t really seem like part of the conversation.

TAEM- Tell us something about the other cast members that you work along side of, and your working relationship with them.

EZ-The other cast members are very talented, and have really studied their craft. After getting a chance to work with them now a handful of times, everyone really does bring something special to this series, because both their personalities and the part they play brings makes the series more multi-dimensional.  Every time I hear that they have booked a job in a film, or a part on a television series, I can’t say that I am surprised!

TAEM- Emma, this is an exciting time for you and I want to thank you for sharing all your experiences with the readers of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine. We wish you much luck in all that you do, and want to remind our readers, and ALL of Hollywood, to watch ‘Pink Slip’ featured in our magazine’s Web Series section.


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