TAEM interview with child actor Michael S. Thomas

Child Actor Michael Thomas

TAEM- One of the great things that The Arts and Entertainment Magazine does, is to introduce new talent to our readership. Actors get their start in various ways. Some by accident, others by desire, and some from a very early age. Actor Michael S. Thomas is one such personality who fits in the later category. Michael at what age did you first begin your acting career, and how old are you now.

MST- Hi! I started acting shortly after I turned 4 years old. I am 8 and ½ years old now.

TAEM- We learned that your first step in your career was in the film shorts: ‘TheNew World’ and ‘Chekhov’s Children’. How exciting was this for you. 

MST- Well, actually my very first film and my first speaking role was in the movie Holey Balls. But due to some technical difficulties during editing it has not been released yet. But the director said she hopes to have it out before I turn 18.

The New World (my second film) and Chekhov’s Children were both fun sets to work on. I made a lot of new friends on both sets and have worked with some of the actors again on other film projects.

TAEM- What were these productions about, and what roles did you play in them?

MST- The New World is about this crazy world where music is banned and everyone is bored. Then a guy finds a record player on his door step and plays the music. He loves the music and it changed his world so much that he wanted to share it with everyone.  But, not EVERYONE wants him to share it. It is a sad movie.

In the film Chekhov’s children, it is about some people who are mentally sick and they have a lot of problems and go to counseling to get some help.  I play a little boy who runs after his soccer ball in the middle of the street and two of these crazy ladies want to run me over. They are really crazy in the movie, but not in real life.

TAEM- Who first inspired you to take up acting?

MST- Well, my parents say that I have always had a love for the stage and wanted to be on it. When I wanted to participate in a talent show at 4 years old by chance, they finally realized that it was something I really loved and wanted to do.  I was discovered by a talent scout at that talent show and have been acting and modeling ever since.

TAEM- The following year you racked up a number of appearances starting with ‘Goodbye to Muffy’. Please tell us your experience with this film.

MST- Goodbye to Muffy is a comedy film and I loved being a part of it. I am the youngest son of a family of 5 kids and it is really a funny story about our dead cat…or is he?  This film won 3 film festival awards too!  It won The Judges Choice Award and also The Audience Choice award for two different film festivals.

TAEM – Please describe this show you are on to our readers and your role in it.

MST – I am currently on a bimonthly kids show called Kid Time which shows on Public Access TV in Charlotte, NC. I have my very own segment on the show called Michael’s Counting Adventures. On each episode I have a new child guest come on the show with me. My guest then teaches me and the kids at home how to count to 10 in their native language. I have learned how to count to 10 in Sign Language, Spanish, German, and Korean with the guest kids I have had on Michael’s Counting Adventures. I love doing the segment for counting.  I am also a KID TIME KID on the show.  On each show all the KID TIME KIDS  get to do a lot of fun things. We tell jokes, face paint, get to help a magician do magic tricks and a bunch of other fun stuff too!

TAEM- You topped off the year in roles in ‘Rom’ and ‘Programmatic’. How did you study for your parts in them, and how was your own personality reflected in those parts?

MST – I love ROM. It was my first starring role. I got to work with actor Tim Holt, who was also in Chekhov’s children with me.  There were a lot of big words that I had to learn and say for this role. I had to quote Shakespeare for nearly all my lines. I practiced these words with my mom and once I learned them I memorized them and was able to say them on set. The director said he was really impressed with me. ROM  is also an award winning film. ROM has won both Best Short Film and Best in Show in two different film festivals. The director of ROM is working on making it a feature film.

Programmatic was a fun film too! I played the younger version of a human robot. I was given the lines right when I arrived on set! I had a few minutes to learn them and then we shot the scene I was in.

My own personality was reflected in these films because the directors were looking for an innocent child look and I play that very well.

TAEM- This year also saw you in a spate of productions that included ‘Pendulum Swings’, ‘The Road to Jacob’, and the television movie, ‘Trinity Goodheart’. How are all these productions preparing you for your career in acting?

MST- All these films are preparing me for my career in acting, because they help me learn about the industry.   I get to work with a lot of different directors and actors that have been in the industry for a long time and have a lot of experience to share.  I can learn what each director wants from me and needs from my character. I learn to take direction, stay in character on set and work with a lot of different people.  Working on all these independent films is great training for the bigger projects to come!

TAEM- Your newest film is ‘Remnants’ which is still in the production stages. Can you give us a sneak preview about the theme behind it?

MST – ‘Remnants’ is a great movie! You are going to love it! It will be coming out later this year. It is kind of like the end of the world as we know it and how people will act when everything stops working!  I play the role of the son to the two lead actors in the film Robert Pralgo and Vanelle. My character is autistic and cannot speak but uses some sign language and well…you will just have to wait to see it!

TAEM- What are your current goals for yourself, and where do you think you will be in your career in about five years from now?

MST – My goals right now are to keep taking my acting classes with my personal acting coach and learn how to be a better actor. I hope to be in a lot more films this year too! In 5 years from now…I want to have my own TV show and have been in several feature films as the lead actor. Thank you so much for letting me share about my acting career with you and your readers. If you want to see more of my work or follow my career, please visit my IMDB link at: www.imdb.me/MichaelSThomas.

TAEM- Michael, I believe that we will be hearing more about you in the years to come, and I want to both thank you for this interview, and wish you much luck in all that you do. I know that our readers will enjoy learning all about you and this new adventure that acting has taken you into.


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