TAEM Interview with Filmmaker Nik Vikkers

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is proud to present actor and filmmaker Nik Vikkers to all of our readers. Originally born Nikolay Velikanov in Russia, Nik traveled to the United States to realize his dream of filmmaking. Nik, please tell our readers about your youth, and your decision to come to America.

NV-   From as long as I can remember I dreamed of becoming an actor. When I was a kid my dreams, hopes and wishes were different from the other kids. One of my teachers told me that I should be an actor when I grow up. However, my parents wanted me to attend the Russian New University in Moscow, and major in Socio-cultural Services and Tourism. During five years of my studies there, I still thought about what it was I really wanted which was acting and making films. Upon completing my studies, I decided to pursue my real dream. Because the American film industry is so powerful, I made my decision to come to America to pursue my dream.

TAEM- What inspired you to take of filmmaking as a career?

NV- While growing up, I watched American movies and was fascinated by Hollywood. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey were my heroes.

I wanted to make films that are entertaining, educational and ultimately change people’s way of thinking.

TAEM- As a former New Yorker myself, I understand that you went to school there to learn your trade. Please tell us about your training for your career.

NV-  Actually, I attended the New York film academy here in Los Angeles. Where I studied screenwriting, editing, directing and acting. It was by studying acting where I discovered the director in me. For me, it is very important to have a foundation in acting in order to be affective as a director. A good director is also a good actor.

TAEM- You began producing films immediately thereafter, and began with the production ‘Temptation’. Can you tell us the theme behind the film, and the various hats that you wore to make it all work ?

NV-   This is a story of a love triangle about two men that love the same woman and ends in tragedy.

In the film I play one of the love interests and I am one of the producers.

TAEM- After the film was completed tell us about the process that followed to get this work recognized.

NV-     The movie was submitted to several festivals and we received an Honorable Mention from the Los Angeles Movie Awards Festival.

TAEM- In 2010 you produced two other films : ‘Divine Intervention’ and ‘Perspective’. What were these about?

NV-   “Divine Intervention” is a story about a young Russian couple that moves to the United States and faces the difficulties of living in a new country. Eventually the man begins to loose faith and all hope in the pursuit of making a good life. After an encounter with a stranger, his faith and hope are restored. “Perspective” is a three story narrative crime drama involving money, lies and murder.

I am one of the producers in “Divine Intervention” and play a lead role. I play a character role as a police officer in “Perspective” but I am not a producer.

TAEM- We also understand that you had a role in ‘Divine Intervention’. Tell us about the character that you played in it.

NV-   In this story I play a young man of good character and principals struggling to make a new life in a new country. The lesson he learns is that no matter how difficult things are in life, one must never compromise their values and principles.

TAEM- You just recently completed the film ‘Through the Indian Eyes’. Describe this film to us and the purpose behind it.

NV-   “Through The Indian Eyes” is a short documentary that explores story telling, legends and myths about the Native American culture in the past and present. I have been inspired with Native American culture since I was a kid.

The purpose of the movie was to illustrate how the enchant traditions continue in modern day.

The movie won an award in the category Best Short Documentary from the Los Angeles Cinema Festival Of Hollywood and Award of Excellence from the Los Angeles Movie Awards Festival.

TAEM- When will this film be available for the public to be viewed?

NV-  The tentative time is for December of this year and it will be on Amazon.

TAEM- You’ve also added acting to your repertoire. You appeared in two films that are in the process of completion : ‘Cornered’ and ‘Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope’. Can you give us a sneak preview of these films and the characters that you play in them?

NV-  “Cornered” is a story of a Los Angeles homicide detective who must stop a government trained serial killer before the agency that trained him can cover it up and before the killer finds a new victim. In this movie I play the part of a news reporter.

Caravaggio” is a story based on paintings by the artist Caravaggio. I play Romeo the Cavalier.

TAEM- Nik, your work holds much promise and we wish you much luck with all your endeavors. We want to thank you for interviewing with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, and hope that you will keep us up to date with all your latest projects.



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