TAEM interview with radio show host Christy Bradshaw

 TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine delves into many venues of entertainment. These include Movies, Television, Literature, Stage, Music, and Radio. With radio we recently became aware of ‘The Bradshaw Chronicles’ and its host, Christy Bradshaw. Christy, tell us of your educational background and how it gave you the foundation for your program.

CB-Through the courses within my graduate degree in education which was based in instructional technology, I learned how to reach people at a distance as well as in person. This brought me to video/audio design and presentation by planning learning videos throughout the degree program.  All people whom portray their talents to the world have excited me from when I was a child. Being a host of my own show in a way is still in the educational field of work. It is educating the people of the world about different choices available for them in the entertainment business.  The guests that I bring on my show tell of their talents and what it took them to get to the place where they are now.  This gives new ideas and thoughts to the audience whom may need to plan a strategy in fulfilling their own goals in the entertainment field.

TAEM- ‘The Bradshaw Chronicles’ is an internet radio show for those readers who have not heard of it, yet. Christy, when did the program first air and where can it be located ?

CB-The Bradshaw Chronicles was broadcast first in January of 2011. The show grew very fast and now has over half a million viewers per month in the video versions of the show alone. My home base for the show and the upcoming new show that I have planned Behind The Scenes With Christy Bradshaw is www.christybradshaw.blogspot.com but the show can be found in many sites throughout the internet.  There are three main broadcast stations for the show now and people from all over have shared it with many other internet venues.  In video internet television you can find it on my blog as well as here www.worldtv.com/thebradshawchronicles, Ghost Tales TV www.worldtv.com/ghosttalestv, and in audio with WROM radio www.realmsofmusic.com.

TAEM- Tell us about the types of shows which you air, and the forms of entertainment which you interview.

CB-On The Bradshaw Chronicles Music & Talk Radio I have interviewed and promoted many musicians/bands, actors, film producers/directors as well as comedians and book authors.  The upcoming new show Behind The Scenes With Christy Bradshaw will be more focused on film and all that it involves including film producers, actors, makeup artist, and the like. I will be broadcasting trailers of the artist’s works and hopefully some of their short films will even be available after the guest is interviewed.  My love of music will compel me to have at least one or two musicians from time to time however.  All shows are in video format and The Bradshaw Chronicles has been in audio as well on one internet radio station.

TAEM- What type of interviews do you find most challenging and entertaining ?

CB-The most challenging artists that I have interviewed would have been book authors. It is a little difficult with them because you want to hear about the book that they have written but you don’t want to give the whole story away as to leave the element of surprise for the readers of their work.

Most entertaining I would say are the musicians/bands and the talent of the film industry. I enjoyed all of them and fell completely in love with sharing their works with my audience.

TAEM- Who have been your most interesting interviews to date ?

CB-One guest that I found most interesting would have to be Kelly Ogden of the band The Dollyrots.  I have always been a huge fan of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.  Joan had signed The Dollyrots to her label.  This is how I ran across this band and thought that they were incredible. This band stands out in my mind however all of my guests were interesting to me and I enjoyed them very much.

TAEM- You also have experience with advertising as well. How have you applied this to your program ?

CB-Well, with advertising the package is a huge thing. Every detail of the show that I do is planned and executed in a way that it’s tight and has a big bow on top. I am a person that is very detail oriented and if it is not exactly what I want it to look like it will not go on air when it comes to these videos of the show.  I used my experience in advertising as well with posters for upcoming guests of the show as well as designing my own advertisements in commercials for the show.  When sponsors of the show need help arranging a commercial for their product or talent I do those as well.

TAEM- Aside from your show we learned that you also published two books, ‘In the Dark with Good and Evil’ and ‘The Whimsical Fairies’. Tell us about these, their genres, and the themes behind each one.

CB-In The Dark With Good And Evil was the first book that I wrote and published. This book is compiled with short stories of dreams/nightmares that I once had so it is in the horror genre. It is written for the teenage and above reader.

The Whimsical Fairies is a children’s book that I wrote and designed in a way that children can learn about the environment and how important it is to do their part to keep it healthy and growing as it should.  It speaks of the impact that being good to the Earth can have on and help people. I self published both books and they are found now in Amazon.

TAEM- You also edited a children’s book for another author. Please describe the book and its basic theme.

CB-What If Snow Was Sticky? This is a book written by Tena Kight. I edited photos and the written word for this book. This is a wonderful children’s book where a young boy learns that he has to be careful what he wishes for and the importance of why things are the way that they are already. This book was also self published and can be found in Amazon.

TAEM- You also have a great interest in photography. Tell us about your fascination with it, and how you used it in your work.

CB-All things are beautiful in their own way. I like to take photos and share the beauty within them. The photos in my books as well as in my show I have taken myself. I like for my work to show a bit of me and what I am looking for in them.  There were other artists that assisted me in The Whimsical Fairies book that I wrote. The cover shot of me as a fairy was created for me by Bryan Byers. Other artwork in the book was done with the assistance of Simone Polis and Tena Kight as well as me.

TAEM- Christy, what other lines of entertainment do you wish to explore, and what direction do you see your radio program heading in the future?

CB-I am closing out The Bradshaw Chronicles on October 31 with my last show. The archives of the show will still be all over the internet so it will be almost like the show never left.  The guest for this show is Richard Parnell Executive Producer and Owner of GTN which airs my video broadcasts every Monday and Friday.  This station is where the majority of my audience originated.

My new show Behind The Scenes With Christy Bradshaw will most likely be in video form only and will air once per month.  I would like to now be able to accept opportunities with radio stations such as Sirius or maybe even something behind the camera as host on television. That is what I am hoping and planning for to come my way.

TAEM- Christy, you are very talented, and we see great things in store for you in the future. We wish you much luck in all that you do, and want to thank you for your time with us in this interview with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine. We hope to hear again from you in the near future so that we can update our readers with the success of your endeavors.


CB-Thank you so much for your time in interviewing me about my work. I will graciously come back anytime!

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