TAEM News Flash- Colleges & WMIFF; Advertising

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine ( formerly The Eerie Digest) has become aggressive in two major programs:

Colleges and the WMIFF– Recently our publisher, Joseph J. O’Donnell, has been invited to join the World Music and Independent Film Festival organization. This past weekend Mr. O’Donnell sent letters to the Office of the President of fifteen major Universities to invite their students to enter their films to the Festival. At the same time he has also offered their students the magazine’s College Student Writer’s Program, in which these young writers can contribute their short stories to be displayed on our pages. Young filmmakers and writers are given the chance to be recognized by their peers, the literary world, and Hollywood.

Advertising– Our magazine has just made contact with fourteen of the largest Advertising Agencies in the country, inviting them to display their client’s products in The Arts and Entertainment Magazine. These agencies represent some of the major retailers, hotels, airlines, and services now seen on television. Our new aggressive stand will extend to other venues and we will keep our readers posted of all the progress that we make.


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