TAEM News Flash – Erik Cieslewicz and Kevin Finkelstein Announce CONFAB


Erik Cieslewicz and Kevin Finkelstein Announce CONFAB

Washington, D.C. November 8th, 2011 – The City of Washington, D.C. will soon add another web-series to its ranks. A new series entitled, “Confab,” will follows four college juniors going through the most dramatic semester of their lives. The show is the product of award winning producers Erik Cieslewicz and Kevin Finkelstein, who are looking to show some of the non-political side of the the nation’s capital.

Already written, in pre-production and cast, Confab is off to a strong start.

“We wanted the show to have a good set of arcs that flowed across all the episodes in addition to running gags and a good amount of reflexivity, so we wrote all thirteen episodes before we even thought about casting the project,” Cieslewicz noted about the deliberate process the production has taken so far.

“Confab will excel as a web series for two reasons: stellar writing and a top-flight cast,” added Finkelstein.

Cieslewicz agreed, “It all starts with those, and we’ve already got both covered.”

Speaking to what the final product will looks like, Finkelstein pointed out, “I think audiences are going to enjoy the “throwback” style of Confab. Imagine taking a pot and dumping in the unique characters of a Cheers, the character relationships of Friends, and the smart non-situational writing of Seinfeld. Mix that puppy up, and you’ve got Confab.”

Both are veterans of dramatic productions: Finkelstein is the artistic director of Molotov Theater Group and has directed over forty stage and screen productions, while Cieslewicz is best known for directing indie pilot “Hard to Be Me,” which won over two dozen awards on the film festival circuit, and his work as the photographer and editor on the Emmy nominated and Edward R. Murrow Award winning series “Secrets in Shawano.” The two have also already found success together when they worked together on the short film Tenure, which was selected as one of “The Best of” Washington, D.C. 48 Hour Film Festival in 2011.

Confab is scheduled to begin production in March of 2012 and be released on the web in weekly installments the following summer. The series stars Christian Campbell, Joshua Dick, Laura Muschelli and Caroline O’Grady supported by an ensemble cast. For complete list of those involved with the project and more information, visit www.watchconfab.com.

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