The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is reporting that a famous short film is making it’s way to the Oscars. Writer-Director Nicole Kian Sadighi has set in motion the process leading to this prestigious event with her critically acclaimed film, ‘I AM NEDA’.

The film is based on the plight of a young Iranian girl, Neda Agha Soltan, whose tragic death at the hands of the brutal Iranian regime has touched off countrywide protests, as well as world-wide political condemnation, against the government in Iran. The present Iranian government has suppressed it’s people’s right to basic freedom and has become an antagonist to world peace.

Nicole also portrays the part of Neda in the film and is accompanied by the famous Iranian actress Mary Apick, who plays the part of Neda’s mother. The film is not just about Neda’s death, but about why she felt so strongly about standing up for her basic rights. The Arts and Entertainment Magazine believes this film will surely win the coveted award for  Best Foreign Film at the Oscars, hands down.

In his first political statement the publisher of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, Joseph J. O’Donnell, supports this film and believes that the statement made by it speaks of the freedom that all the Iranian people deserve as their given right. This magazine, and it’s publisher, wholly denounces the present regime in Iran, and looks forward to the day of its downfall.

“The time is right for all the world to speak out against the tyranny and evil that the Iranian regime represents, and I believe that this film will be the spark that will ignite that fire.” Mr. O’Donnell is quoted to say. He further pointed to the actions of “the mad little man who is Satan incarnate” (who he refers to the president of that country as) will be the undoing of the human race and the peace of the world.

“We hope that all our readership, and the friends of our magazine, will support us on our stand and become the driving force for the success of this film.”, he stated.


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