“The Cinderella Chronicles” Story Contribution by Guest Author Alexandria Altman

Altman Speaks out on Her new Novel Trilogy and the already amazing success she is having,…”I am overwhelmed” the author says when she is asked about it, not that it is flying off the shelves or off the internet, but so few really know about it as of yet , It has only been out in Hardback less than 30days and out on Kindle about 45 days….and for the time it has been out, it is selling, on it’s own it seems to have it’s own special angels wings……

Just in the last two weeks their has been Hollywood Press all over it. being compared to Twilight,

“It is crazy when I think about the merchandise in the works fro the Cinderella Chronicles Trilogy,…some of the major players in this field whom are making the dolls that Look so much like me, it seems so surreal yet so odd, and normal at same time, we have over 50 pieces that are in the works, from sport drinks to energy drinks to clothing toys etc…”

“As I speak with Joseph, and was interviewed here in his magazine in September, things have come along way…,”

“I have already had One serious Producer read the book and approached me about a script to screen deal,…, I have turned down a female, who wanted to take the project to the Big screen, but I already have in my mind exactly where the Home for this project belongs and am holding out and hoping it develops itself in the sort of fashion as it should, I want Cinderella to have her real home…and be where she belongs on the Big Screen, I think everyone sort of has an Idea where this home would be for a fairy-tale such as this…”

“Twilight was wonderful and so is the writer, creator of it, so is Harry Potter and all it’s fans,… as many more that make it to the screen….So far in the last 30 days with many interviews from Hollywood and radio shows and people in the Industry, they are seeing something different here with my Novel, It is fantasy Fiction…But as the same time it is a REAL LIFE Fairy tale..”

“Perfect timing They are saying. ABC, Has it blockbuster season with ,Once Upon A Time,…and there is NBC with Grim…and Julia Roberts is soon to come out with Snow White…..and I have Cinderella…”

“I had no idea when writing these novels for the last five years I was going to be in Fairytale timing as far as TV and Screen .As far as I was concern there is always room at the box office and TV for a good Fairy tale….Maybe it was meant to be, rather than Luck…everything has it’s Time and place.”

“I certainly was at the right place at the right time here on this one” Altman says, as she looks up to count her blessing from above…

“My Goal with Cinderella is to show their is Magic in a real Life fairy tale for one little Baby, whom was abandoned, left on the front steps of an old Plantation on a cold windy winter day, ..when a man dropped her off and took off…leaving only footprints in the snow behind….”

A Note and a Beautiful basket with the baby dressed in a pink satin gown and bonnet and two pink satin booties which one blew off when the door was open to receive her …the booties flew high in the sky ,past the frozen trees to never land , while the bay was a extreme shock to the old ancients, who picked her up wondering who she was and where on earth did she come from…it was all a big mystery…

The Baby grew up as a Princess with her two grandmothers as time reveals all…and lived a charmed life with everything she could possibly want, except the one thing she could not ever have… her parents, ever…

Then came the teen years, where she discovers her home is haunted, not just the old plantation, but the entire area from which she came from, there are monsters, vampires, wolves and strange going-ons and even fairies….

Little Ally has seen much growing up and now is on a wild adventure in a land of ODD and Strange…

As she grows older and moves away from the small scary town she meets a wealthy Handsome prince who comes from old money, falls in love and swoops her to the Hills of Beverly (Beverly Hills Ca. of course) where she leads a Cinderella , Pretty woman, life style…so many twists and turns to mention..

Before this Handsome Prince marries her, she had previously fallen in love with another from her past,., and was going to be married…but he dies before she has a chance to marry her real Prince and in sadness and heartbroken state she rebounds to the beautiful world in which many want to live, and be lavished by her new husband whom has it all….

But after betrayal and heartbreak, she now is in the hands of a Dark Prince, she realizes he, as her husband, is not what he seems, and makes an escape back to the bayou, to speak with a very ancient soul who reveals all, and is in the process of revealing to Ally what is happening in her real world, when the ancient dies after giving her a charm,…she is now on her own and Spellbound until the second novel reveals it’s secrets….

This 600 page novel has many surprises and is a Beautiful read. It has been endorsed by some of Hollywood’s Biggest in the Industry….including whom Altman feels is the best in the Industry as far as creative in all he does.. Actor/Director /Friend ..Johnny Depp, who Altman says is a lot of  inspiration to keep the beautiful creative work coming as she sees him do all to well…

Altman works with Johnny’ Angels, Fans for charity a children Hospice, where she helps raise money for children whom are sick and dying. Also Johnny’s Sea World where she helps raise money for the dolphins and stops Pirate fishing and protecting our sea life. She is giving 1 dollar to these charities, for every book sold to give back what she has so freely been blessed with the fairytale life to be able to write…..

by Alexandria Altman

“Thanks to everyone for buying and reading this novel, ..Because It is Just not a fairy tale but the life of Alexandria Altman in Fairyland growing Up as Cinderella….”


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