TAEM interview with model/actress Gia Skova

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is excited to present model/ actress Gia Skova to all of our readers. Gia has made herself a huge name in modeling circuits throughout Europe and is now taking Los Angeles by storm. Gia, you originally came from Russia and started modeling as a teenager. Please tell us about these early years and the influence that you had to take up this highly competitive career.

GS- I never picked this path. It picked me. I really love to draw and as a child I drew a lot. Once, I read an ad in a newspaper that they were looking for caricature artists and I went there for them to hire me. I was only 12 years old. The secretary looked at my picture and said, “This is great, but you are so young, that we can’t hire you”. I sat there and waited in reception, as she told me the director will come soon and I would talk to him. He came with the owner of Kodak Movie World. When he saw me, he said we want to take this girl and make her the face of our company.

TAEM- You also obtained several beauty pageant titles as well. Please describe these contests and the crowns that you had gained from them.

GS- You never know if you’ll win something or not. It’s like playing Roulette in the Casino. I never thought of myself as pretty. Quite the opposite – I always thought girls around me were prettier than I. I always saw in myself more things inadequate than good. I had a very beautiful mother, who died when I was 4 years old. And my relatives told me that she would call me an Ugly Duckling. I had big cheeks and crooked legs and my mother would worry that I’d be like this – because she was so pretty. But, with time, I changed for the better. When I was 14, I won a Pageant called, “Vilikaya Volga” (The Great Volga). I was very happy about this. All the newspapers in the city of Saratov printed articles about me. A TV station from Moscow came, along with a jury, and famous fashion designers (Vecheslav Yudaishkin, Zaitsov and others). They picked 15 out of 5,000 girls. I never thought that they’d pick me. We did runway, wore different outfits, etc. The competition lasted 15 days. I was blown away when I suddenly I heard my name!! I was SO happy. I got an ocean of flowers and the award. From then, I got contracts, many photo shoots with famous Russian designers, and was signed by a Moscow company to be its main face. After that, I won the next competition, which was Ms Saratov. This was a more serious competition, which I was invited to. Tons of girls came from all over the area. This competition was very tough – hard questions, a lot of beautiful girls. This was shown on television. I won this competition too. Then, I moved to Moscow and had a lot of modeling work. Runway, commercial shoots, etc. I won a competition there called, “Miss FHM” with tons of beauties from all over Russia.  I won this contest too.

TAEM- Describe some of the early modeling shows that you appeared in and where they took place.

GS- I took part in different shows, starting in Russia, Europe, and Asia. There isn’t anywhere on the planet where I haven’t been. Very often, designers and photographers once they worked with me, want to work with me again.

TAEM- You started touring the European continent soon after. How exciting was this for you and where did dome of these event take place?

GS- Yes, it was very exciting. In Europe, the first place was in Milan, Italy. The magazine FOX asked me to shoot with a famous photographer. After this, was an Italian Lingerie shoot. This remains my famous country – the people, the culture, food, traditions, and fashion. After this, I often went to Italy for work and lived there for 6 months.

TAEM- What were some of your earliest products that you represented and what major product lines that these led to.

GS- Usually, I was asked to represent clothes – lingerie and underwear. I like attractive things and always enjoy representing beautiful things. Beautiful things make the people around them brighter and more beautiful.

TAEM- You also represented American Manufacturers. Please tell us about a few of these.

GS- Well, most of all, I am excited to talk about a company I just signed a contract with. It represents the rarest, most beautiful stones. I am the happiest about this, because the company is name after me – “Gia”

TAEM- You’ve also appeared in some well known magazines and on one cover in particular. Please tell us about these exciting events.

GS- Every magazine shoot is a new story. Each one has its own style. I really, really like it. I don’t have a favorite magazine, because each time I work with a different team of photographers, etc. I always leave with fond memories. A few magazines, where I am featured, that I really respect are FOX, In Style, Beauty, FHM, Health, Total Football, Poster, Official, and Dolce Vida.

TAEM- You have since moved to Los Angeles to take over the modeling market there. What are your achievements to date for this move?

GS- I don’t need to take over the modeling market. Once when I was child, I dreamed of being an actress and performed at school in drama, learned about it, read books, took classes, completed drama courses in Moscow, studied Stanislavsky, and was always doing scenes and working in the theater.

TAEM- With great beauty as a model you have stepped into the film industry, first landing a part in the short, ‘Finding Beauty in the Beast’. Tell us about this film and your part in it.

GS- I had the lead role in the film. We shot it in Hong Kong with a Chinese director. We worked with the help of an interpreter because he spoke poor English. But this was very cool. I’m very happy about this. It was a great experience.

TAEM- Your next role is in the film ‘Azienda’ which is to be released next year. What is the theme behind this production, and tell us about the part that you portray in it?

GS- It was fun…One fact few people know is that one of the producers of the film is a brother of Kim Kardashian.

TAEM- With such beauty and poise, and now starring in two films, Hollywood will soon be aware of your great potential. Where do you see your career heading in the next five years?

GS- I want to work with some of the big Producers and Directors in Hollywood, and hopefully I will one day have my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

TAEM- Gia, we want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us at The Arts and Entertainment Magazine. We are sure that we will be hearing more about you in the near future, and wish you much luck in all that you do. Please promise that you will keep in touch with us and make us aware of any future events in your life.


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