TAEM News Flash- I AM Neda film to enter WMIFF

   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is proud to announce that the film ‘I Am Neda’, by producer Nicole Sadighi, has registered with the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC. This politically explosive film offers a heart rendering look at the citizens of Iran’s human rights movement and of one particular victim of this brutal regime.

The story behind the film is compelling and is told by Nicole Sadighi who has done a great job in uncovering the life of Neda, and the young woman’s demand for basic human rights. Neda was killed by a government sniper and her tragic end was filmed and seen all over the world by many news stations. Now Nicole has brought to life the story of Neda for the whole world to see.

The film has already been seen in film festivals around the world and has received many awards. The World Music and Independent Film Festival is proud to have this film to display to all those attending its 2012 show this coming year. Please click on the WMIFF logo on our homepage to learn more about the festival, and how producers can enter their films and the WMIFF.



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