TAEM News Flash- TAEM attends the premier of ‘Collide’

   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine attended the premier of the movie ‘Collide’ , by producer June Daguiso on Saturday, December 10th. The movie proved to be a big hit with the audience and there was a loud applause from all at it’s finish.

Mr. Diguiso discussed the film before it’s start and chaired a question and answer session at it’s close. Actress and good friend, Connie Lamothe interviewed many of the attendees before the showing of the film. The acting in the film was excellent as was the special effects. Music too, was the a highlight of the film and so were some of the many settings it took place in. Although working on a tight budget, Mr. Daguiso produced a very believable film. The movie represents a colliding force of characters and events within the criminal world, but we will not give away the story or plot so that the viewing public will enjoy it more when it is released.




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