TAEM News Flash- The Lighter Side of The Occupy Movement


D.C. Webseries Explores the Lighter Side of Occupy Movement

Washington, D.C. November 29th – “I’m not sure I’ve ever known less about what to expect from a shoot than going to the Occupy DC protests. I was incredibly nervous. But how cool it was to have the whole camp at McPherson Square cheering on that jenga game. That made me really happy to be there.”

That “jenga game” being referred to by leading man Joshua Disk, is one of the many ways the new webseries “Confab” was able to find a softer side to the Occupy D.C protests.  It’s part of a preview video for the series released on Tuesday, November 29th to give audiences a taste of a project that will begin broadcast next summer.The preview is part scripted, part improvisation.  “When you throw fictional characters in with real people you can never be sure what might happen,” says Mike DiMarco, who wrote the outline the production used as it interacted with real Occupy protesters.

But the Occupy D.C. camp treated the film crew with no political agenda very well and was game for a little fun.

“Everyone we spoke to, both on and off camera, were so incredibly nice, they made this a really great afternoon, and helped our fine actors further understand these characters,” said showrunner Kevin Finkelstein.

Actress Caroline O’Grady added to that sentiment, “We had a very loose script to play with, but what better way to bond then be thrown into Occupy DC together? The whole experience was a blast.”

As Finkelstein and fellow showrunner Erik Cieslewicz plotted the preview, they also turned to social media to help tell the story of their main characters being at Occupy D.C.  “While I’m a moving picture artist, I’m a social media junkie,” Cieslewicz began.

“Being able to tell our story across multiple mediums is something I’m so excited Confab is doing.  Our main characters have Twitter accounts and they set the stage for the preview with story related tweets a week beforehand.”

Entitled “Occupy Confab,” the preview is the first release from the series and can be viewed  here:  

Confab is a thirteen episode web-series created by Cieslewicz. The series stars O’Grady and Dick along with Christian Campbell and Laura Muschelli as four college juniors going through the most dramatic semester of their lives and is a throwback to the glory days of the sitcom, from Cheers to Friends.

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