TAEM- A Holiday Wish From Our Publisher

Joseph O'Donnell

As we send out our 32nd issue of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine I’d like to extend my thanks to all of our friends and family that we have come to know over the past few years. I had originally set out to list the interviews from 2011, and all the writers that have contributed their great stories for our publication this year. Then the memories of all those that I have met through the magazine over the years gave me a new inspiration.

What started out as a blog soon took the shape of ‘The Eerie Digest Magazine’. The blog was originally intended to promote my own writing, but soon began to embrace the literature of many other writers. The importance of promoting writers and their work took on a whole new meaning for me, and the magazine concept was born. I have never stopped hoping to see my own writing on a bookstore shelf, and perhaps that dream will happen some day.

What transpired next was certainly unforeseen. I had been approached by Hollywood personalities and had been asked to tell their stories. The connection between Hollywood and Literature was very evident, so I agreed. In August of this year I had changed the name of our publication to encompass both these worlds of Literature and Entertainment and to encourage the dreams of so many others.

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has now reached out to Universities around the country, and our readership hails from all corners of the world. Many students of the Arts learn from the experiences and writings of others to pursue their own dreams. Young minds heed the lessons of seasoned writers and entertainers, and those other hopeful writers and entertainers learn that there is no time line for starting down these same paths. With this, a new generation of storytellers and performers are born with no age restrictions to set boundaries. With these words I ask that every one of you continue to dream, and live that dream of fulfillment for all your years.

Joseph J. O’Donnell, Publisher- TAEM


Wishing ALL a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and the happiest of New Years !

Joseph O'Donnell



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