TAEM News Flash- Persepolis Pictures recognizes our publication for the support of their film ‘I AM NEDA’!

Amazing Support from Renound Author and Publisher of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, Joseph J. O’Donnell

Just before the year ended, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine released a bold press release in support of ‘I Am Neda’. In his first political statement the publisher of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, Joseph J. O’Donnell, is quoted as saying: “The time is right for all the world to speak out against the tyranny and evil that the Iranian regime represents, and I believe that this film will be the spark that will ignite that fire.”…(Click to Read More…)

On behalf of Nicole Kian Sadighi and everyone at the ‘I Am Neda’ team, Persepolis Pictures would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mr. O’Donnell and the Arts and Entertainment Magazine for their kind support and championing such an important project.

(Pulled from the I AM NEDA News Update)

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