TAEM News Flash- TAEM and The Eerie Digest announces their College Student Writer’s Program ! See their open letter below!

To All Colleges and Universities

Attn.: Liberal Arts Departments

I publish the on-line Mystery and Hollywood Insider’s magazine called The Eerie Digest/ and The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, and so I would like to offer opportunity to some of your  students.  It is one that would give them a chance to publish their work and see it on the internet.

The Eerie Digest/  and The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is a FREE magazine and I would not be able to offer a monetary honorarium for their efforts.  However, it will enable them to see their work published and give your other students a goal to strive for.  As an added benefit I will also give your universities recognition and a chance to promote your Creative Writing curriculum for interested students. With All of Hollywood reading The Eerie Digest/ and The Arts and Entertainment Magazine for FREE, the students will also attract their interest as well.

My magazine presents stories in the genre of mysteries and things that go bump in the night as well as Hollywood interviews and news.  I would need your students to present their work with this in mind.   Your classes can select their best efforts with each selection fully edited.  They can submit them as a Word.doc attachment to an e-mail to me for my review.  I would strongly urge them to register them with your classes and provide their work with at least a “poor man’s copyright”.  They can also copyright them with the Library of Congress for themselves.  This would be an added educational lesson, as well as a benefit for their own protection.

I will, in turn, list the names of the student (as the author) and that of the University.  They may also submit a picture of themselves, which I will post in the magazine.  I would also ask that you present this offer in your school newspaper, along with a small banner of my magazine, as a trade off.  I hope that this is agreeable with you and look forward to working with your University in the near future.

Joseph J O’Donnell, Publisher

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine/The Eerie Digest Magazine



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