‘Ice Queen’ by Guest Author Paul DeThroe

Guest Author Paul DeThroe

The Ice Queen is borne of the Queendom of Glass,

High Priestess forever until her days have past.

Her frigid world conquers the whole of the land;

The Blizzard, her champion, kills on her command.

Her reign is ferocious with its darkness and cold,

no force can withstand her when she takes hold.

The Queen commands the wind to nip and to bite;

With gales aplenty they twist through the night.


The King of the Lights knows he only rules half;

His speed is so great all who follow lose path.

Vanquishing the Ice Queen is his providence,

but he cannot rule her because of her slipperiness.

He loves her darkness as much as his own light;

Her reflections of him are brighter than all his might.

He who sustains life with her only causes death,

the longer she resists the shorter are her breaths.


The Ice Queen at times ruled the whole of the earth,

as volcanic gaseous winters silenced the hearth.

She chose to drive mankind into hiding in caves;

Neanderthals faded humans by fire were saved.

She kills without discrimination of species or race.

You know when she is near her cold burns your face.

When it seems she’s destroyed she’s only retreating,

never ceasing her battle until light’s warmth is defeated.


The Kingdom of Light will never stop burning;

He wishes to love her but his touch starts her turning.

So his quest is began to destroy her from his sight,

His subjects cannot bear to watch of his plight.

They wither and burn as his anger is at hand;

No day for redemption earth is burned into sand.

The sand is pressurized into diamonds and glass,

His tears are sealed forever future and past.


Trapped under ice the earth must be saved;

The Ice Queen bitterly laughs at the brave.

The heat warrior attacks she turns into mist;

With an icy fog cloak she yearns for a tryst.

The rains that come to melt her are frozen into ice,

the reign of her queendom is viciously nice.

Even though she’s leaving she soon will return,

leaving the summer sun’s burnt heart to yearn.


Passion burns, the Ice Queen breaks into shards!

Cutting and slashing frozen daggers in his heart.

She longs for him to melt with her and be with her,

but his fiery hateful love banishes her from earth.

All who know these things fear his anger will blow;

Burning the world with hell fire the star explodes.

The Ice Queen shifts her Queendom to the edges of light,

Lord and Lady dance again to compose day and night.

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