March, 2012

‘Walking Dead’ by Guest Poet Candice James

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Guest Poet Candice James

Terrible melted wax figurine

With large, grotesque, bloated lips

Spewing poisonous vapor

In a cacaphony of venomous words.


Semi-dead zombie

Enslaved by your addictions and ego,

An unwelcome, uninvited presence

Cutting your way

In scattered scissor steps

Through the lives

Of your imagined, maligned enemies. (more…)

TAEM News Flash- Web Partner ’42’ Announces Birthday Bash

Monday, March 19th, 2012


“Nosferatu @ 42”


It has been almost 12 months since 42, the Genre Open Mic Night started in Worcestershire, and the Founders have something special planned for their birthday bash in March.

42 was started by Glenn and Angela James in 2011, to provide a platform for writers, musicians, and performers interested in genre subjects to find their audience and a voice.  It has grown significantly in the last year, and branches of 42 will be starting in Birmingham, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, and Stoke-on-Trent.  With the events first birthday coming up, the significance of its opening month can be revealed. (more…)

‘The Father of All Things Evil’ by Guest Author David Rhodes

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Guest Author David Rhodes

Guest Author David Rhodes

Gregg and Tina Wright moved in, under the same guidance as Doreen Fenston, with the same aspirations

“Are you sure you want to go in there, Pastor? I mean, the man is a murderer.”

“Yes, I’m sure,” said Pastor Henry Flaker, gazing through the tiny window into the padded room where a man sat shackled in a corner. His head was lowered as if he were asleep.

“Well, it’s your time. Just yell if you need help, we’ll be right there,” said the sanitarium tech. He was a large black man, and his partner, an equally as large white man with mace strapped to his belt nodded in agreement.

“We’ll be right there,” the white tech said, as if he craved for action. Perhaps he had seen too many action movies.

The black  tech, whose name tag said he was Drew Timmer, plugged a thick key into the door and pulled it open. The man in the corner still did not raise his head. (more…)

Collection of Poems by Guest Poet Candice James

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Guest Poet Candice James


Candice James

Copyright 2010


There was always that single shaft of sunlight

Where it came from or how it got in

Was always a mystery.

All she had ever known

Was this multi shaded brown sky.

Always there;  never ending.

She was born in this cave;

Lived in this cave, but didn’t want to die in this cave. (more…)

‘Lake George Road’ by Guest Author David Rhodes

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Guest Author David Rhodes

Guest Author David Rhodes


An older man (still moving on in his fifties) sat on the edge of Lake George, his fishing pole propped up with one wrinkled but strong hand. The water was placid, save for a light breeze blowing across the water, causing a very light stir. In the heat, it felt quite good.

The man did not like to think about it, but could not help it. He had been sitting in this very place when it had all occurred. The most terrible thing he had ever lived through in his life. It seemed so calm right now, but he could not help but think about it…

It was only two years past when it happened. Charlie had been sitting in the exact spot, as he always did, when a policeman abruptly showed up at his cabin and told him the news. George now sat in the same spot, not worried, for he had an idea who was at the heart of these disappearances.

For the time being, someone showed up, and it turned out to be the Constable, for he wore the green jacket with the patches stitched on the shoulders. George looked up, slightly alarmed at his sudden presence.

“Pack up your stuff, George.” (more…)

‘A Day in New York City’

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Travel Time with Roger Tweed

I decided to spend this past Halloween in New York City.  It wasn’t the fact that it was Halloween that made me want to go to New York.  It is just that “going to New York for the day” had been something I had told myself that I could do (and would do) once I had retired.  But almost 14 months after I ended my work-a-day life, I somehow hadn’t gotten around to making the trip from the Washington, DC area.

I’m no fan of cold weather, so it was understandable that a trip north had been ruled out for the months from November through April.  And although I had traveled elsewhere and done other things during the other seven months of my retirement to that point, it still nagged at me that I hadn’t taken the train or a plane – I don’t trust the really low fare buses that swarm the highways of the Northeast and besides, too much of a day trip to the Big Apple would be taken up by travel if you were to use the bus – to spend the day experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of New York.  So, with October slipping away from me, I decided to take the plunge.  If I didn’t make the trip by Halloween, I figured that my next chance to get to New York wouldn’t come until after the following Memorial Day.

After checking out the rail and flight schedules, I decided to fly round trip.  American Airlines was offering American Eagle flights to JFK at $59 each way at the time, and not only was this competitive with the then current Amtrak fares, but the travel time would be reduced to 1 hour each way.  The train has the advantage of dropping you off in Manhattan, but I had things I wanted to do on the Brooklyn side, so a JFK arrival would fit my plans very nicely.  (more…)

‘Oliver Twisted’ by Guest Author Glenn James

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Author Glenn James

Guest Author Glenn James

Charles Dickens usually found himself to be a quite well disposed ghost, but much to everyone’s surprise, he was marching through the writer’s haven in Paradise with an unusually thunderous frown, tugging at his beard.

Offers of honeydew and the milk of paradise went un-noticed, and he strode past H.G. Wells and George Orwell without even noticing their cheerful salutation of good morning. Something was on his mind and he needed advise, so he sought a wise soul.

He pulled up a cloud next to a thoughtfully distracted figure with a bald pate, who was beavering away over the summer rep season, and sat down so hard that several cherubs scarpered, and it caused a short and unexpected rain of Hazel Nuts over Newport Pagnel.

“Hmmmmmmm…..” went Charles, sourly and with emphasis. (more…)