April, 2012

Collection of Poems by Guest Poet Candice James

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Guest Poet Candice James


© 2012 Candice James


Hot nights, tender and cruel,

Wet, slick, flaming moments

Licking our bodies

Whipping this dream

To a higher state of frenzy.


TAEM Interview with Actor David Topp

Sunday, April 1st, 2012
David Topp

Actor David Topp

TAEM – The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always thrilled to see a new actor coming up through the ranks and succeeding in the entertainment industry. We would like to introduce a young actor who has done just that.

Actor David Topp has made all the right moves in reaching for his dream. As we are both of Scottish ancestry his success is that more appealing to me. David, Tell us when you realized that acting was your choice as a career.

DT- Well, I think it was always the plan. Even if it was hidden in my subconscious. Movies have always been my greatest passion and when I finally realized that career for myself was possible, there was no question about it.

TAEM- What Hollywood personalities influenced you the most in reaching that decision?

DT- I’ve been influenced but so many phenomenal people in this industry that I would have to fill up this entire article to do right by them. The first time I stepped on a set the realization kicked in that someday someone with the same dreams and passions could be watching me thinking “How can I do this?” and I want to be an influence that confirms to them, it’s possible. If I can do that, so continues a wonderful cycle and I will be fulfilled with my success. (more…)

‘Broken God’ by Guest Author and Poet Glenn James

Sunday, April 1st, 2012
Author Glenn James

Guest Author Glenn James

(From a Vision in a Dream)

And for thirst, in a benighted land,
Long between fields and pastures I walked,
Dry as dust and cracked to pavements,
Beneath a parched unfeeling spring.

Arraigned in green the woods and hedgerows,
Stretched beseeching, uncomprehending boughs
To unyielding clouds indifferent to root and seed,
And brooks ran lower than in the August Dog Days.

At length I saw a tumbled homestead,
Gap tiled, with a drunken stack, smoking consumptively,
Lounging, dry stoned, in a hollow,
And thirst hauled my weary feet to its step.

A weather-fouled door swung to my knock,
And within, a knifing face snatched at my gaze,
As a withered thing with a witches air,
Bade me welcome to her nest. (more…)

‘Forest World’ by Guest Author David Rhodes

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Guest Author David Rhodes


In this forest world, where the dead were buried just about everywhere, Sirrus ambled among the scattered markings, some carved from expensive stone, while others were merely rocks or pieces of wood nailed together. Some were merely humps in the trodden ground. There were many such places among the forest.

That he was here at all was hard enough, but he was searching for a spot to bury his best friend, and this weighed heavy on his heart. It would be difficult to let go for the final time.

A fine ground mist swirled about his feet as he led the horse and wagon, and dark trees loomed overhead like the guardians of this dark place. Distantly, a crow cawed through the dim, and he thought that this place must be the perfect home for their kind.   (more…)

Collection of Poems by Candice James

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Guest Poet Candice James


© 2012 Candice James


On the East side of Vancouver

In Bleak House Alley

Peppered with cardboard creatures,

A crude Cinderella,

Drooping wax figurine,

Cracked and creased with age,

Candling the night

Weaves phantom dreams

In the pale twilight.


Collection of Poems by Jackie Summers

Sunday, April 1st, 2012


Guest Poet Jackie Summers


Jackie Summers Ⓒ


Farewell, sister April,

here comes May,

Wearing her bloomers

not shy to display.

Lifting her dress

among budding vines,

giving a peek, of colors divine.

She flirts with your senses,

her perfume just a hint, (more…)

‘Rising Slowly’ by Guest Poet Polly Robinson

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

He takes his brain out every night

And puts it in a bucket,

Each yellow ochre coloured cell

Emits a foul and fetid smell and starts to pound

Then starts to swell,

Rising slowly


Travel Time with Roger Tweed: ‘The Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament and Kansas City’

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Travel Time with Roger Tweed

On Tuesday, March 6, I flew to Kansas City to attend the 2012 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament.  I started attending this tournament in 1993 when it was the Men’s Basketball Tournament of the Big Eight Conference, so this was my 20th tournament.  I have seen many changes over these 20 years, the biggest being the expansion of the conference to 12 teams in 1996.

The Big Eight Men’s Basketball Tournament was always played in Kansas City, and through 2002 the Big 12 Tournament was played at Kemper Arena in Kansas City.  In 2003 and 2004, the tournament was played at American Airlines Arena in Dallas.  The tournament returned to Kemper Arena in 2005, and returned to American Airlines Arena in 2006.  The tournament was then played at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City in 2007, then the new Sprint Center in Kansas City in 2008, back at the Ford Center in 2009, and then at the Sprint Center starting in 2010 and scheduled to remain there through at least 2014.

I had made a “flight and car” reservation through Orbitz that had me flying from Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, DC to McConnell International (MCI) in Kansas City on US Airways Express.  We landed in Kansas City 20 minutes early through 40 mph winds that would be in the Kansas City area for the next two days.  It was 70 degrees when we landed.  (more…)

TAEM News Flash: Author Joseph J. O’Donnell’s works on Amazon

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Joseph O'Donnell

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: Author Joseph J. O’Donnell has just announced that all three of his books are now on Amazon Kindle!!!

This long awaited event should please his readers and writer friends the world-over. Now you can purchase his works ‘Walkers‘, ‘Night Trains‘, and ‘Tales for Late at Night‘ directly from Amazon, or through the connecting links in Our Book Store, located in this magazine. Joseph J. O’Donnell is also our publisher and has promoted writers and entertainers from around the world. He also has offered ‘College Student Writer’s Programs’ and is a part of the World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) promoting Independent Films for upcoming young filmmakers.

He is using the sales from his books to help keep this magazine going.

“I have much more work to do in helping young writers and filmmakers, and my own writing is the perfect tool to help this magazine’s vision of carrying that on.” he has been quoted to say. We, at the magazine, wish him much luck in this endeavor, and know that his fans, friends, and all those who he has helped will contribute to his dream by buying and promoting the sales of his work!!!


Rocket Rider: Surviving an Aircraft Ejection Is Just the Start

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Dave Baranek

“How old am I?” Six? No, older. Everything is black and I’m confused. Come on, brain, catch up. Fractions of a second later I hear a sound like rushing wind and see an image of an instrument panel  ̶  a sketchy image as in a dream.

Suddenly I’ve got it! The last thing I remember was flying in an F-14 Tomcat fighter, then things went bad and I pulled the ejection handle.

A second later my eyes open. I see the gray hull of an aircraft carrier about a hundred feet away, and look down just in time to splash into the ocean. At least the water is warm. How the hell did I get here? (more…)

TAEM interview with Author Nancy Lee Parish

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always on the lookout for new authors and different genres of writing to explore to keep alive the interest of our readership. We are happy, therefore, to introduce author Nancy Lee Parish to all our readers. Nancy, as you had stated many things happen for a reason, and events in your life have given you cause to turn to writing. Tell us about these and how they affected your career.

NLP- Thank you very much for having me. I am both honored and humbled.

My writing career started out a bit different than most. It began in a tent. Due to some highly unusual, almost bizarre, circumstances, including the death of my children’s father, we found ourselves homeless for several months, hundreds of miles away from any family or friends. We had moved to an area that had supports for my autistic daughter, and while we were able to set that up for her, it proved to be an insurmountable task to find employment and living arrangements in an area with a few small towns where we were not known. My husband, my son and I ended up living in campgrounds to stay close to my daughter.

I have written stories and poetry most of my life, for pleasure mostly, but had never considered writing a full length novel, let alone publishing one. It was during this time that I decided to start writing. (more…)