Collection of Poems by Jackie Summers


Guest Poet Jackie Summers


Jackie Summers Ⓒ


Farewell, sister April,

here comes May,

Wearing her bloomers

not shy to display.

Lifting her dress

among budding vines,

giving a peek, of colors divine.

She flirts with your senses,

her perfume just a hint,

for lilacs and crocus,

and daffodils whiffed.

Just a glimpse of her garden,

but don’t be confused,

for it wont be long

before sister June,

steals the limelight,

and shows her, full bloom.


April’s Fool

Jackie Summers Ⓒ


To be blessed with love,

I am a fool.

For no pain is more felt

When it does not rule.

Given belief

That love endures all,

Im a victim,

In a victimless crime.

Passion more daring

I have spilled my heart,

Give way to the pleasures

That can rip me apart.

For she is a cad,

Brazenly mad,

This reaper of love

Who has made me her tool.


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