TAEM Interview with Actor David Topp

David Topp

Actor David Topp

TAEM – The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always thrilled to see a new actor coming up through the ranks and succeeding in the entertainment industry. We would like to introduce a young actor who has done just that.

Actor David Topp has made all the right moves in reaching for his dream. As we are both of Scottish ancestry his success is that more appealing to me. David, Tell us when you realized that acting was your choice as a career.

DT- Well, I think it was always the plan. Even if it was hidden in my subconscious. Movies have always been my greatest passion and when I finally realized that career for myself was possible, there was no question about it.

TAEM- What Hollywood personalities influenced you the most in reaching that decision?

DT- I’ve been influenced but so many phenomenal people in this industry that I would have to fill up this entire article to do right by them. The first time I stepped on a set the realization kicked in that someday someone with the same dreams and passions could be watching me thinking “How can I do this?” and I want to be an influence that confirms to them, it’s possible. If I can do that, so continues a wonderful cycle and I will be fulfilled with my success.

TAEM- With so many students interested in this type of career, we have many young people that look towards our magazine for guidance. Tell us how you began training for your work and the first time you appeared before an audience.

DT- The lifestyle of entertainment is full of internal growth and struggle. One of the biggest steps I had to take in order to keep my sanity in this business was to leave self consciousness out of the equation. I would have to tell myself “I’m here to tell a story and I’m not me right now. Therefore, I couldn’t care less about your opinion of me.. I’ll concern myself with that in a minute.” I reminded myself of that every time I performed and now it’s not a reminder, it’s a state of mind.

TAEM- How nervous were you during the first challenge before your fans?

DT- Terrified, and I loved it! It’s human and it’s healthy! If you’re feeling something that makes you so nervous you may even get sick. Remind yourself that you’re FEELING, if you weren’t this isn’t what you’re supposed to do with your life. I believe being nervous is our minds way of reminding us that right now, You’re not just an existing, oxygen wasting bag of flesh. YOU’RE ALIVE. It’s the moments that blow your hair back that you should fill your life with.

TAEM- We understand that you enjoy the outdoors and have a particular love of animals. Please tell our readers about this aspect of your life.

DT- I get this from my mom, The world is a endlessly amazing place along with all of it’s creatures that reside here. I love nature. It grounds me and brings me back to a natural form. It’s easy to get distracted with the pace of life, so it makes me all the more thankful that I can always have a place to get away and have some friends that haven’t yet been corrupted from the world.

TAEM- Your early life was not easy, yet you persevered in your commitment. Who has been your most ardent supported, and how have they helped you?

DT- Life’s not supposed to be easy. Often, it’s the hardest times that will teach you the most about yourself. It’s growth, and I believe all growth is good. It’s been my mom, and I, my entire life. Friends come and go, relationships flourish and fail. She is constant.

TAEM- The following year you appeared in the television movie ‘The Shunning’. How did this differ as opposed to your previous experience?

DT- The Shunning opened many opportunities to me and it was a fantastic project to be a part of. Beverly Lewis is a great author and I developed a deep connection to all of the characters of that story, especially Danielle Fischer. The Shunning opened my eyes to another level as far as the magic of movie making and it was an intoxicating feeling. I’ve worked on several wonderful projects with exceptional actors but I will always be in search for that story that takes it to the next level. That’s my formula for success right now and it’s treated me well so far.

TAEM- You then appeared in a slew of films that included ‘A Cold Day In Hell’, ‘Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas’, and ‘Sybling Rivalry’. Tell us about these productions and the roles that you played in them.

DT- I had a blast on Mandie! It was a great cast, phenomenal crew, and awesome locations! Many people I worked with on this movie will be life long friends and we have a great group of support in a sometime rough business. I found an amazing friend in a Director that everyone will one day know the name of, Miss Joy Chapman.

TAEM- David, by the looks of it you have your future well in hand and we would not be surprised if Hollywood will see you as the new ‘heart throb’ with a bevy of fans. I am sure that Tinsel Town will be knocking at your door shortly, and offers will be presented to you to secure your future. We hope that you will keep in touch with us so that our readers can follow your career closely. We want to thank you for this interview with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and wish you much luck in all that you do.


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