TAEM News Flash: Author Joseph J. O’Donnell’s works on Amazon

Joseph O'Donnell

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: Author Joseph J. O’Donnell has just announced that all three of his books are now on Amazon Kindle!!!

This long awaited event should please his readers and writer friends the world-over. Now you can purchase his works ‘Walkers‘, ‘Night Trains‘, and ‘Tales for Late at Night‘ directly from Amazon, or through the connecting links in Our Book Store, located in this magazine. Joseph J. O’Donnell is also our publisher and has promoted writers and entertainers from around the world. He also has offered ‘College Student Writer’s Programs’ and is a part of the World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) promoting Independent Films for upcoming young filmmakers.

He is using the sales from his books to help keep this magazine going.

“I have much more work to do in helping young writers and filmmakers, and my own writing is the perfect tool to help this magazine’s vision of carrying that on.” he has been quoted to say. We, at the magazine, wish him much luck in this endeavor, and know that his fans, friends, and all those who he has helped will contribute to his dream by buying and promoting the sales of his work!!!


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