Joseph J. O’Donnell’s My Virginia (intro)

As one goes through the day-to-day existence where they reside, people lose sight of what is around them. This is true of myself after living in Virginia for the past sixteen years. Of course I had visited all the tourist sites such as Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Annapolis, Baltimore Harbor, the museums in the Washington, DC area, and such. But I missed all the little things until I slowed down and took in everything around me.

In the past we introduced McMahon’s Irish Pub & Restaurant (see the Feb. 13th issue of TAEM) in Warrenton, Virginia, and we recently explored the Air & Space Museum in Northern Virginia (but this is for another story). I also stumbled upon a railroad that never was built while hiking along a back trail near Centreville, Virginia. Apparently bridge abutments were built across Cub Run Creek, however the American Civil War prevented that from ever happening. There is also a myriad of amazing flowering fields hidden by young tree growth in the carpeting woods nearby, and the Antiquer’s Mall in Madison.

Small wildlife, streams, and panoramic views in such hidden wonders such as Hebron Valley in Madison County, expose captivating views when one starts to pay attention to the little things in life that are occasionally missed. A person must look at more than a sightseeing map directs you to, to nature and what everyday life so freely offers.

‘My Virginia’ is going to be a series of those things that is often missed that makes the state I live in so worthwhile. We will begin to look closely at all the hidden secrets of this habitat of mine and include such sites as small towns and business’s, eateries, and all the beautiful areas that makes the Commonwealth of Virginia unique. I hope that our readers will enjoy it as much as I do and encourage everyone to visit this beautiful state.

JJOD/ pics by JOD IV

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