Joseph J. O’Donnell’s My Virginia – 12th Fairfax Civil War Days- Historic Blenheim

The Commonwealth of Virginia is rich in history. From its earliest days as the destination of choice by the European settlers through the bloodiest days of this nation’s Civil War. More battles were fought on it’s soil, and more Americans who fought for their causes lost their lives in this state, then at any other time in this country’s history.

My photographer (and son) recently attended the 12th Fairfax Civil War Days event offered by the City of Fairfax. It dealt with Historic Blenheim in the site located within its borders. The Blenheim House was added to the National Register of Places in 2002, and Civil War Programs in 2009. It is famous for containing the largest and best preserved collection of Civil War soldier inscriptions in the nation. It is also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with special lectures and exhibitions.

These include cannon fire displays, Civil War balloons, soldiers drills, and many booths and display areas for the visitor’s interests. The center’s director, Chris Martin, and his assistant, Cami St. German, did a marvelous job in setting the event up. The 12 pound howitzer was fired under the excellent direction of C. Kyle Printz, who portrayed Captain’s John and Joseph Carpenter of the Confederate Artillery, who were both injured during the war.

Al Stone portrayed Robert E. Lee, and Drew Pallo played General Samuel Cooper. Along with the re-enactors for the Southern cause was Jimmy Fleming as Colonel John S. Mosby who lectured on the Confederate Calvary and its role in the conflict. For the Union, Don McConnell was a great look alike as Ulysses S. Grant. Visitors can view the house and see some of the artifacts displayed at the site’s center and the historic building is undergoing a multi-year renovation and there are monthly lectures and programs every fourth Saturday of each month.

The center is located at 10209 Main Street, Fairfax, Virginia 22030, and our readers can contact them at (703) 385-7858 for information.


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