Poetry Collection by Guest Poet Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

One Night’s Stand
by Alex Knight

I called tonight
Knowing you weren’t there
I wanted to hear
your voice
Cool confidence
Expressed in every syllable
When you said you would
Return the call
That’s what I needed to remember
Not the terrified pleas
That escaped your lips
When you faced
Certain death
I expected so much
More from you.
I expected you to
keep your word
and call
You said you would.
I waited all the next
Day and the one after that
Then I called
I left a message
Texted, emailed
Again and again.
Shocked to see me
At the bar
Proffered excuses
Rolled off your tongue
Like well-rehearsed lines
confirming you’d performed
This role too often
You expected me to
Be pacified with a glass
Of wine before you
slithered off to meet
The next notch on your belt
You never expected
To be the one
On the receiving
End of oblivion
The glint of light
On a slashing blade
emasculated you long
Before steel colder
Than your heart
Brought sweet release.
You should have called.


The Dance Begins

by Alex Knight

You softly beckon

Opening patio doors

I step out into the moonlight

Barefoot, I make my way

Pebbles and larger stones

Make their marks on my feet

The way your love made its

Mark on my heart

At water’s edge my robe is shed

I arch my back stretch out my arms

Spinning slowly

I luxuriate in the warm zephyr

That caresses my body

The way your words caressed my mind

I know you’re out there

Watching – waiting

Tilting my chin I purse my lips

Issuing an invitation that remains


Night after night

I follow my heart

To the water’s edge

Perhaps tomorrow

I will continue walking

And we will dance once more

Under the waves

Blind Alley

by Alex Knight


“Do it!”

“I don’t know.”


“Are you afraid to?”

“A little.”

I was a good girl.


“If you love me…”

“I do.”


“Then do it!”

“But someone… “

I was weakening.


“Baby please, I need it.”



“Now, hurry.”

I reached into his pants.

Pulling it free

My fingers caressed it

“Heavier than I thought.”

“But you’ll do it

won’t you?”

I nodded.

Halo slipping.


“Quick, before someone

sees you.”

I peered into the darkness

“No witnesses.”

My lips caressed his earlobe.

Instead of slipping in

The shop’s back door

I pulled the trigger.

The morning headline would be

‘Junkie suicide’


‘Store owner robbed and killed’

Good is so subjective.

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