TAEM interview with actor Gage Maverik

TAEM- The Entertainment Industry has many facets when it comes to acting. Actors themselves have many venues and can advance themselves by switching the hats that they wear. One such actor is Gage Maverik, who has speedily adapted within the industry. Gage, what interested you the most about the Entertainment Industry, and how did you get started in it?

GM-Oh wow, great question. I was attracted as a young boy. The first time I ever performed and heard the applause I was hooked for life. I was around 2 years old at the time.

TAEM- Prior to acting you first appeared on the Texas Live Show on television, then later on a number of shows including ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘Fox and Friends’. What was the nature of these shows for you?

GM-Texas LIVE was a fun, Wild on E! type show, but for Houston and Texas cities where we would cover events, interview fun people doing their thing then just letting cameras role. My parts where 100% IMPROV. The others are more journalistic in nature with some idea of a plan going into the piece, pre planned sets of questions then working within the conversations to keep it rolling while finding new angles as you go.

TAEM- This past year you appeared in the television movie, ‘Caveman Theory’. What is the theme behind the movie ?

GM-This is actually a TV Show Pilot and won awards at a couple festivals where it was shown. It’s about men being men and being as close to being “animalistic” as women can perceive us to be.  Very over the top.

TAEM- Please describe your role in this film.

GM-My character in the series was a bum kinda guy that just kinda mouched off his friends with no job, but gave advice to people about how to live their lives.

TAEM- You also had a role in ‘The Darq’. Tell us something about this film and the actors that you played along side of.

GM-OH this was interesting. I had a lead role in this film about two guys that own a haunted house and do anything they can to get ticket sales up and the measures they go to in order to boost business while protecting their property and business. I worked with Juan Pareja who was in Steven King’s The Mist also AMC’s The Walking Dead and others some of which have relocated to LA to work more.

TAEM- This year so far you appeared in three television series: ‘Let’s Big Happy’, ‘Tales of the Frontier’, and ‘Blood Relatives’. What were these productions about and your roles in them ?

GM-Let’s Big Happy was just a small role non speaking, Blood Relatives I actually played the REAL detective in a show about amazing and extreme family murder cases and why they happened, my character(Detective Donahue) was the guy that solved the case. That show is an Investigation Discovery crime reenactment show.  Tales of The Frontier I am VERY proud of where I played a bad guy in this Western Webisode about a bank robber seeking vengeance for his family that was slaughtered ruthlessly by a land tycoon just after the civil war.  MY episode can still be viewed on http://askmilton.tv/ the clicking “on demand” searching Tales of The Frontier-Revenge Episode and it’s in 3 parts.

TAEM- Other upcoming projects, now in post-production, include ‘Atlas Shrugged (Part 2) : Either Or’, ‘Diagnosis: Dead or Alive’, and ‘Playdate’. What is the venue for these and the roles that you played in them ?

GM-Atlas Shrugged is a feature that will come out in a year or so, Diagnosis Dead or Alive is a medical mystery illness documentary type show on A & E and Playdate is a webseries.

TAEM- When will our readers be able to see these projects and who are the producers and actors in them ?

GM-Atlas Shrugged Pt 2 stars D.B. Sweeney(who’s married to a friend from back home), Eli Morales, others and will be out in a year or so with a Part 3 to follow, the two others will be out this summer.

TAEM- Not one to let moss grow under your feet, you have taken your place behind the camera both directing and producing projects of your own. How has acting given you the experience and confidence to do so?

GM-I have always had the confidence, but putting into execution was a different story. Living here has given me access to more creative individuals and more resources to be able to wear many hats such as Directing and NOW writing. Yes I have many projects I have created since moving here just a year ago.  Just being around sets, paying attention to others while learning do’s/don’ts has helped me in many aspects.

TAEM- Your latest venture has seen you working off camera on two productions: ‘The Career Matchmakers’ and Deliciously Entertaining’. Can you give us a sneak preview of these ?

GM-Actually I am on camera for both as host, but I am directing Career Matchmakers AND Producing and Producing Deliciously Entertaining while hosting.  You can see the DE trailers at http://www.deliciouslyentertainment.com/ and The Career Matchmakers https://vimeo.com/42423855 I was also the editing supervisor on both projects as well.

TAEM- When will these be completed and available for viewing ?

GM-We have full blown episodes for both, but still in the pre production/pitching phase on them as well as others I am working on.

TAEM-  You seem to be on the fast track with your future firmly in hand. Where do you see yourself five years from now, and is there any other projects that you are looking to get involved with ?

GM-5 years from now I see myself knocking down really nice lead roles, supporting roles in many different types of films while hosting the shows mentioned and adding to my skillset as Director, Acting coach, Host/Emcee and also WRITER. I have written my own sit com which we feel could be the next really big hit in Primetime.

TAEM- Gage, we want to thank you for your interview with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and wish you luck in all your endeavors. Please promise to stay in touch so that we can update our readers in any of your future endeavors.


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