TAEM interview with photographer Rozel Alcid

TAEM- There are many aspects in the show business industry to make it work. Photography is one of those key tools that pull it all together. From advertising to event coverage, and from head shots to fashion, it is the important factors to make it all work.

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine would like to present to all of our readers one of the leading Hollywood photographers, Rozel Alcid. Rozel, what made you first interested in this line of work?

RA- I love Photography, period. But only last year is when I decided to pursue this passion, and I started viewing other peoples work, looking at magazines and enhancing my skills on Photoshop. I wanted to be different and unique; I wanted to create photos that are different from everyone else.

TAEM- How did you get started, and what training did you undertake to achieve your success?

RA- I took a 3 month course in Photography at Tri-Community Photography Center in Covina, CA. They have classes from Basic Photography, How to use and setup Studio Lights, Fashion and Headshots and Photoshop. I also highly recommend purchasing this Magazine Collection “Photoshop Creative”. It’s a quarterly magazine and it includes tutorial on CD that will enhance and guide you to better your skills. And for free tutorials, you can’t go wrong with Youtube.

TAEM- What is some of the photography work that you perform?

RA- Right now most of the work I do is covering private events, and red carpet events. These include Hollywood’s top Brand Marketing companies, Film Festivals, Concerts and Advertising.

TAEM- Please name some of the famous celebrities that you have worked with.

RA – I just finished doing a shoot with Kevin Weisman. He was Marshall on that hit TV Show ‘Alias’. I also just covered this Indie Film by Spike Lee, it was their 10 year anniversary of A Huey P. Newton Story starring Rodger Guenveur Smith. Casey Bond (Chad Bradford) the pitcher from the movie Money Ball. Producers like Marc Henry Johnson, Steven Adams and Christopher Black.

TAEM- What of your connection to ‘Derty Rockstar Media’ and how did you come up with the name for it?

RA- I am the owner and founder of Derty Rockstar Media. I love listening to Rapper Nelly, and in most of his lyrics he will say the word “DERTY”.  So one day after listening to Nelly I changed the music and put Foo Fighters on, my good friend Eric Lerma looks at me and says, “You’re a Derty Rockstar.” The name has been with me ever since.

TAEM- What type of portfolio are you looking to build up with this production and what of the ‘Gas Mask’ project, and what does it represent ?

RA- I really want to enhance my skills and start doing more advertising and or brand marketing related photo shoots. But for The Gas Mask Series, it represents the danger we see in the world. We have crisis in Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan and Israel just to name a few. When World War 2 broke out, almost everyone in the United States started purchasing Gas Masks. So with the fashion sense that I have, I combined everything that I was mostly passionate about. Women with Tattoo’s, Politics, The Mayan predictions and of course the Gas Masks.

TAEM- You also work with projects for Wickid Pissa Publicity. What type of work do you perform there?

RA- When Josh Mitchell, owner of Wickid signs a new client, he sends them to my studio to take new photos, headshots, fashion, glamour, or anything that will help his client get work. Starting next year, I will be joining Josh Mitchell at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and at Cannes Film Festival.

TAEM- Where do you see your work leading five years from now, and what plans are now in the ‘works’?

RA- Travelling to different countries to showcase my work. I have tons of projects that I want to start on but not until I finish with The Gas Mask Series. I read this article about an EX CIA Agent Hank O’Neal that became an inspiration to my project. He finally met his idol Genevieve Naylor and this is what she told him, “One of the most important things she said to me was ‘Hank, the worst thing in the world is to go out and take photos willy-nilly. You have to have a project.’ So I started projects.”

TAEM- Rozel, we hope to see some of your work and want to thank you for taking your time with this interview with our publication. We are sure that the readers of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine will enjoy learning all about you and we wish you luck in all that you do.


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