TAEM interview with Producer Bruce Kade

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always looking towards the horizon to explore the future of entertainment. We recently discovered a new wave of actors and producers that are growing to succeed the eminent personalities that exist today. One such rising star is producer Bruce Kade. Bruce, you recently emerged as a player in my favorite sport….hockey. Tell us of your early days in this arena, and the team that you played with.

BK- For most of us boys up in Canada I like to say we were born with skates on our feet. In all seriousness my dad loved the game and I was running around the house in hockey equipment and with my stick by the time I was one-years-old. At age two I was actually skating on ice in our backyard rink my father had made in Lloydmimster Alberta, Canada. Then you just grow up playing through the kids minor hockey system and skating on the outdoor rinks all winter long. I stopped playing briefly in high school because I was enjoying other sports and all my friends. Unfortunately I missed the draft year for kids going to play really high levels of hockey or even college hockey. After high school I really missed the game and walked onto a college team and made the squad. Then after college I played some minor pro for a couple years in Canada.

TAEM- After your career in hockey you began investing and building homes in Canada. Please tell us about this aspect of your life.

BK- After realizing making the NHL was not really in the near future, I needed a real job. My uncle was a really successful luxury custom home builder in Calgary Alberta and I always loved going to his model homes. So I went to my father and asked him if we could try building a few spec homes. My dad is one of those old school guys who can fix and build anything so he agreed to help me out and we found some great lots and built our first few homes. We ended up expanding this company into about 50 custom homes per year and built up a really nice company.

TAEM- How was this change in career for you ?

BK- It was a huge change. Everything was new, everything was a learning process, large responsibilities, and having to manage a ton of different materials and people. But I loved it. Starting with a bare piece of land and ending up with a beautiful home is a very rewarding experience.

TAEM- Before long you cast your eyes to the south and decided to begin investing in the state of Arizona. How was this different than your Canadian venture, and what made you choose the Southwestern United States as your next real estate goal ?

BK- Heading to Arizona was a decision I made because I was sick of the weather in Canada. Dealing with -40 temps and snow for eight months of the year was really wearing on me. So I went to the hottest place I could find — Phoenix! It just seemed like an inexpensive place to break into the market. And there is lots to do like hiking and golf! I really wanted to come build houses in Arizona, the land was cheap, and it seemed very easy to capitalize on the market. However, right when I moved that’s when that whole market tanked. I had to find something else and the next closest thing was foreclosures and flips. So I did that for the past four years. It was good at first but it’s very hard now as you have so many investors trying to do the same thing and fighting for all these flip properties. The profit margin was drying up.

TAEM- What changes did you find appealing in this warmer climate ?

BK- What was appealing about Phoenix was not having to scrape my windows or shovel snow anymore. I love being outside and golfing and hiking year round was great too. So many quality restaurants and sites to see there as well.

TAEM- You soon set your eyes on a loftier goal….filmmaking. What decided you on this new career path ?

BK- Yes the film industry. I was approached to be in a friend’s movie and I caught the acting bug. I was also looking for something new to do and I noticed that even during the recession movies and entertainment still did great. I looked at how creating a film is a lot like home building: you start with an idea, and work at it and shape it into a beautiful finished product. So I kinda stumbled into the industry and Im loving every minute of it.

TAEM- We understand that you seized upon the opportunity to produce a film written by Josh Mitchell. How excited were you to jump at this opportunity?

BK- Meeting my publicist Josh Mitchell has been a blessing. We just totally hit it off and were on the same page right away. I’ve just been looking for a great project to get behind and produce and what Josh proposed to me was exactly what I was looking for. Needless to say I’m super excited about the action short film Josh is writing for me and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

TAEM- Can you give us a sneak preview of the upcoming project and give us an idea of your full involvement with it?

BK- It’s a project that I’m going to be involved in every aspect of. I think this is the best way to learn — just jump in. I’m going to be involved in acting, producing, casting, locations, stunt work, and marketing. The film is going to have a lot of my personal experiences from hockey, to house flipping, to a bad-ass bike gang, and a big hero finish. It’s going to be a ton of fun and completely original.

TAEM- What step in the process is this production now in, and what would be the next phase in the project ?

BK- We just finished the script. Josh and I have been going back and forth with it and ironing out the kinks and now we pretty much have it nailed down. Just like a great house needs a good blueprint, a quality film needs a great script. Next phase will be finding locations, casting, and props. We hope to turn the cameras on by the end of June.

TAEM- What other project do you see upon the horizon for you, and where do you see yourself five years from now ?

BK- I’d love to find a gritty underdog true story to produce. Doesn’t matter what sport, everyone loves an inspiring underdog story. Send me the script if you know of any. Hmmm, five years from now I hope I’m still this excited about the film industry and I’m producing great projects, projects that I really believe in and can put my all into.

TAEM- Bruce, you have now entered one of the most exciting industries around and we have many students of the Arts that follow our publication as a learning tool. We want to thank you for spending your time with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine for this interview and we wish you luck in all that you do.


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