TAEM interview with Producer Johnny J. Sullivan

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has always explored the avenues of ‘what’s new’ in Hollywood. This encompasses new acts, movies, and television shows. Documentaries are also of great interest and we have delved into them, and their producers, many times in the past.

We therefore would now like to present producer Johnny J. Sullivan to all our readers. Johnny, we understand that you began as an actor. Please tell us about your earlier work and the training that you had for it.

JJS-Johnny J. Sullivan (Johnny) was born and raised in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, Canada. He showed interest in acting at an early age by performing in school plays, musicals and school band. After graduating from high school and university, Johnny acted on being an IT Consultant and IT Architect. Johnny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Co-operative) along with a Masters in Business Administration. After 15 years in the IT industry, Johnny perused a full time acting career, following his heart and passion, and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2009. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Johnny enrolled in numerous acting and improv courses.  See http://www.johnnyjsullivanproductions.com/resume.htm or http://www.johnnyjsullivan.com/resume.htm for further details.

Johnny holds dual citizenship, both Canadian and American. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has taken numerous acting courses and workshops and performed in numerous showcases in Studio City and Hollywood as outlined in his resume. In a diligent effort, he has been extensively training vigorously in Los Angeles and working some acting jobs prior to taking writing and producing his own projects.  Johnny is very excited and looking forward to continuing to pursue a professional career in the entertainment industry.

TAEM- Before embarking on directing and producing films you performed many behind-the-camera trades to learn your craft.

JJS- By living life and taking chances and  leveraging business management, MBA, communication, patience and listening skills along with leveraging my expertise and life experiences from working in other industries and living in several countries. I had developed a passion for the entertainment industry.  Along with having a passion for capturing the perfect shot and moment in life for any and all including special moments in life along with the desire to capture and tell a story.

TAEM- How did you learn all the responsibilities that make a motion picture work.

JJS-Networking, building relationships, research, reading, training, observation, taking risk and living the dream!

TAEM- Your first project was ‘The Rock’. Tell us about this film and the theme behind it.

JJS-It was a new media project and is currently back in production.  (Webisodes 1-4 have been produced in 2010 and 2011) (Webisodes 5-11 are targeted for completion in 2012).

TAEM- Who were the actors in this project and what kind of characters did they portray ?

JJS- Johnny J. Sullivan http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3734337/ AND

Janna VanHeertum  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2436136/

Current list of actors in the 2010 production at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1829044/

More updates to – The Rock, will be provided at a later date and time in 2012.

A 30s man is in search of his soul mate (Johnny), living the Hollywood dream, and (Joey) a beautiful young lady with a zest for life and

Spontaneous by nature.

TAEM- How were you able to direct this film to make everything ‘click’ correctly ?

JJS- By leveraging friendships, relationships, business management skills, communication skills, patience and listening skills along with leveraging my expertise and life experiences from working in other industries and living in several countries. In addition, lots of hard work, long hours and a desire and passion for the project.

TAEM- Your latest film, that you are most proud of, is titled ‘Moose on the Loose’. What kind of film is this, and what is the story about ?

JJS- MOOSE ON THE LOOSE was initiated by a conversation between my Father and I back in summer of 2010.

Johnny, a filmmaker and actor, has recently returned to Los Angeles from an adventure up in Canada. His friends are eagerly awaiting his return and are excited to learn about the details of the journey. A journey that has been wildly adventurous, and informative, while exploring moose on the loose in the most North easterly point of North America. “MOOSE ON THE LOOSE” captures the story of a majestic beast as a force to be reckoned with, while comedic overtures of one man’s journey in life are intermittently dispersed throughout the story.

This project, MOOSE ON THE LOOSE – feature, was my directorial debut, and was most special to me and very dear to my heart.  The project had its inception by a conversation between my Father and I while driving in Newfoundland, Canada in the summer of 2010.  He had helped me with the project on various levels.  Unfortunately, my Father passed on November 29, 2010.  This feature documentary – comedy within a documentary was inspired by actual events and is dedicated to the memory of my Father.

Although I had a limited amount of acting experience in the past (please see www.JohnnyJSullivan.com ), for the most part I had been an IT professional for over (20) + years.  More specifically, I played the role of a senior information technology (IT) architect and professional technologist.

My experience includes extensive travel within the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.  I enjoyed meeting new people but lacked the passion for IT, although a subject matter expert.

In 2009, I had a catharsis and moved to Los Angeles.  I realize that I have colossal amounts of passion for acting, directing, and producing within the entertainment industry.  Not to mention every facet, stakeholder, collaboration and detail of effort in making a film.  I have more respect for the entertainment industry and show business than ever before!

The adventures from inception to completion through the phases from development, pre-production, production to post production were magnificent, phenomenal and a cohesive effort.  From the origins of an idea, to the transformation of the idea into words, to finalizing the script, along with casting the talent, directing, producing and editing the project to a final deliverable were most stimulating and a growing experience.  One that was cathartic and invigorating at the least.

The experience of my first feature solidified my passion for the entertainment industry.  It is a beautiful foundation to which I can leverage, grow and learn from and bring added value to other projects.  The journey to express feelings and tell a story to an audience is a phenomenal and paramount one.  The project was a learning experience and an incredible journey, one that I will never forget!

Movie Trailer – MOOSE ON THE LOOSE – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1881015/

Official Movie site – MOOSE ON THE LOOSE http://www.mooseontheloosemovie.com/

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TAEM- Who are the actors for this film, and tell us about your interactions with this cast ?

JSS-I had interviewed and conducted auditions for each and every actor that was cast in MOOSE ON THE LOOSE  and collaborated with my casting team on assessments, feedback, selections and final cast.

TAEM- Have you set a release date yet for this documentary, and who are the networks that would be interested in playing it ?

JSS- MOOSE ON THE LOOSE will be “on the loose” in Q4 – 2012.  I am in the process of submitting my movie – MOOSE ON THE LOOSE to several film festivals.  I am currently entertaining any and all distribution offers.  I plan to secure distribution both nationally and internationally from theatrical to MOD, DVD and all distributional channels available.

TAEM- Johnny, I want to thank you for doing this interview with our publication and we wish you the best of luck with it. We hope that you will keep us, and our readers, informed of its progress and look forward to seeing it succeed.


TAEM…THANK  you so much!  I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to interview with you and provide my story to you and your audience.  Thanks for having me!  Your time and assistance are appreciated!

Contact Johnny@JohnnyJSullivanProductions.com


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