TAEM interview with recording artist KC Jockey

TAEM- TAEM stands for The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and it truly encompasses all aspects of both fields . One such field that we are proud to explore is that of Music. Music sets the mood of film and without it many motion pictures would not be a success. One recording artist that has his feet firmly planted in both is KC Jockey. KC, early on you created your own music label in honor of someone very special.  Please tell us about this.

KCJ- I used to record for a lot of different producers but I didn’t want to spread myself too thin so what I did was narrow it down to a few elite ones. Then my mother passed in a fatal car accident.  I lost four family members in a car in 1997.  So I then named my label after her and went independent.  So here I am an Actor/Producer/Songwriter/CEO.

TAEM- Tell us about your style of music and why it has become so prominent.

KCJ- As I try to seek the best road of life, the most inspiring proverb to me is “leave no stone unturned” so I work to be in everything and everywhere like a good virus blessing all with quality music.  My style of music is diverse and very catchy as I blend in with any genre of music.  The more you like yourself is the less you are like anyone else which makes you unique so here I am.

TAEM- What age group does your music target, and where has it been heard?

KCJ- My music is aiming to target all ages and is for anyone who can relate to good messages, positive vibes, and pleasant mood settings.  If you are ignorant and negative then you won’t understand the passionate dialect I speak and try to get across to the world and my fans.

TAEM- Tell us about your first hit single and your reaction when it made the charts.

KCJ- My first hit single on the reggae level was “Diggy Diggy” and it was played on BET uncut for at least a year and a half – which is kind of unheard of for an independent artist.  As for the pop level and mainstream it was “Runway Bounce” in Germany and in Europe it is now a national anthem and EMI Virgin Records licensed it to a catalog compilation of 100 dance-floor hits.  Due to the fact I was making buzz and I wasn’t able to travel for quite some time I was a ghost but with a voice being heard internationally.

TAEM- Tell us about some of your other hit singles.

KCJ- “Talk Of The Town, “Shake”, “Party Spirit”, “Rub Your Body”.  These were just some of the many songs that were hits internationally.

TAEM- You also created the video ‘Diggy, Diggy’. Tell us about your performance in this and how it was created.

KCJ- “Diggy Diggy” was created by me and a colleague named Gregory Nose. The video was done in upstate New York and it was just about a mansion and party vibes and Puff Daddy Hamptons fun.  I brought the quality of video-making as an independent artist to my island of Kingston, Jamaica. People were doing camcorder videos and I stepped up the game with a talented video director who I took out of MTV named Jay Will and exposed my people to high-end visuals and locations.

TAEM- We understand that music is not the only venue of entertainment that you achieved great success in but the Cinema has also had its calling for you. You appeared in great films such as ‘I Am Legend’ with Will Smith, and ‘American Gangster’ with Denzel Washington. How did it feel to act along side of these well known performers ?

KCJ- So many bricks have been thrown at me that people are still amazed I am still here. But being a man of God despite all brutal treatments at times from haters in the game and out the game I stand firm. A successful man is one like me who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at me.  My successes in the movies are yet to be felt too.  I have worked with the icons in the business like Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, and Will Smith.  With time – I will get to the top of the mountain and flex my acting chops.

TAEM- What interaction did you have with them off the set?

KCJ- I was a garden which is a grand teacher.  It teaches patience, respect, and watchfulness.  It teaches industry professionalism, thriftiness, and above all it teaches trust.  So as I sat and observed I learned and acknowledged that each one can teach me something special.  I had a few interactions with all of the major icons on the movie set but not much because I am humble and not a groupy so I just chilled and took it all in.

TAEM- We’ve learned that you are a big believer in giving back to the communities that love your music. Tell us about some of the charities that you work with and what their missions are.

KCJ- Yes I do give back always to all communities and charities. God is good and he has blessed me so if I can spare it I will help the less unfortunate in life. As I wasn’t able to travel and do shows people would assume and think I make a lot of money but that’s not true.  My days are about to come though and as I build my empire slowly — I have many ideas to generate revenue and to help those that need it.

TAEM- Tell us about your latest hit single.

KCJ- My latest single is called “Girl You’re Free” and it’s about saying no to domestic violence towards our great powerful underrated powerful females of the world.  We must love them and not beat them — walk them out during times of physical contact and verbal abuse.  They are the mother natures of life.  We must respect them all.

TAEM- KC, you are truly an amazing performer, and one that Hollywood has caught on to. We want to thank you for spending the time out of your busy schedule to interview with us at The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and know that our readers, and your fans, have loved to learn all about you. We truly wish you much luck in all that you do.

KCJ – Thank you for the prime opportunity and God Bless.


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