TAEM interview with recording artist Vassy

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is constantly involved with the many aspects of the entertainment field. One of those is music. Recently we were able to discover a beautiful singer-song writer who will surely capture the hearts of all our readers. Vassy (Vassy Karaglorgos) is a native Australian, born of Greek immigrants, who has recently moved to America.

Vassy, please tell us about your childhood and your first experiences with the local choir.

VK- I had a great childhood, i grew up in the tropics of Australia in a small beach town called Darwin. Although it was beautiful it was tuff as there were not man outlast up there seeing as in was a remote area…As for the choir well they kicked me out I was told I could not sing…..how ironic years later they hear me on national radio lol

TAEM- Were you devastated by your choirmaster’s ruling or strengthened by the experience ?

VK- at first as you can imagine very upset. But I turned the rejection into ammunition to fuel me to strive for my dreams to prove them wrong  as knew deep down i was special. This stung sense of faith in myself developed into me becoming a humanitarian. I have over the years been ambassador for several organizations helping to increase awareness, NT/Australia Carers i worked with the youth, working with people with terminal illnesses and disabilities, for several Green It companies to help promote environmentally friendly ways, I ran music work shops in the communities in NT at the detention centers, in the villages in Noumea and now in LA I am spokesperson for NOH8 an anti discrimination campaign and Share The Mic a philanthropist foundation based in NY I am actually going there in June to work on a project for them and to help raise funds for an orphanage in Ethiopia, and I have been teaching/volunteering music class to a teenage safe home called Aviva for over a year now here in hollywood…My goal is to empower the young ladies to believe in themselves despite the difficult circumstances they are in…

TAEM- Who was the greatest influence on your career, and tell us something about them ?

VK-besides the sweat of my fathers hard work & my mothers statuesque love.  It was Billy Holiday. I heard her when I was 15 on some community ration station back in Darwin and was like….who is that? her fragile voice yet so powerful full of vulnerabilities and emotion, i became obsessed with her and American culture it was after hearing “Autumn in NY” i said one day I will live in America and do what I love to do create music.

Also the women in my family rock, they are true natural born Leaders, I love my sister, my mum and my Grandma they inspired me to be a strong WOMAN!

TAEM- We understand that you won a contest i9n which you were rewarded handsomely for it. Tell us about this accomplishment and what you won.

VK- hmmm im not sure which one you mean being Unearthed by Triple J? or the APRA award for most likely to succeed overseas International Writer award?? Yes that was nice then money was too 😉

TAEM- We also understand that you had a number of successful singles in the beginning. Please tell us about these and how they gained confidence for you.

VK- In Australia yes “COver You In Kisses” did well, then “WANNA FLY” in fact that song I wrote in under an hour and it became my bread and butter song for years, who would have know…lol i came up with that idea walking the side streets of Sydney while I was studying at UTS…

TAEM- In 2007 you decided that you’d like to move to America, in which you did one year later. In the interim your music was chosen by a major advertiser and several television shows which determined your move here. Please tell our readers about this period in your life and the venues where your music appeared.

VK- Yes i am I feel so blessed… i was visiting Ny at the time and i met some guy who was AnR for VIRGIN he heard my music an dloved it but was like your way ‘out of the box’ for the mainstream label….but your sound is very cool hipstery and introduced it to a friend of his, it they took off from there….Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Human Target, The Hills, Subergatory, CSI, Victoria Secret Campaign, Chevy, Nike, Sketchers, Google campaign, Hilton and videos games such as Simms……anyways to cut a long story short my music has been embraced but the TV/film world i just got the new “Cabin In The Woods” movie too…

TAEM- You then signed a contract with Ultra Records but soon afterwards you decided to go it alone. Your new album ‘Beautiful Day ‘ was the result of that. Tell us about the many great producers who helped make this all happen for you.

VK- Yes I put the record together ron my own but had the opportunity to work with these amazing producers…Tim Myers (One Republic), Richard Vission (Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas) and so on…

TAEM- When will the album be released and where can our readers find it ?

VK- It came out MAY 1st and you can get it here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beautiful-day/id521141032

Also go to




My rendition of Amy Winehouse “BACK TO BLACK” one of my fav songs


VASSY TV Campaigns;


TAEM- Vassy, you are truly a beautiful and talented person, and we know that you will be a smashing success. We want to thank you for sharing your story with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and I am sure that our readers will become your biggest fans in short order. Please keep in contact with us so that we can closely follow your career.


VK- AWWWWW thank you so so much you guys without your support I could not share my story so I thank you it means so much xxx

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