TAEM News Flash- Our photographer meets Braden Holtby

  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine’s photographer, Joseph O’Donnell IV, had the rare chance to pose on the other side of the camera recently with Capital’s hockey star Braden Holtby. Braden is the well-known goalie who has prevented opposing teams from scoring in the Stanley Cup playoffs, letting the Caps make it to the semi-finals.

As a huge Caps hockey fan, Joe was excited to meet with Braden, and was able to obtain an autograph on a hockey stick to hang on his trophy wall. This certainly made Joe’s day and our publisher gained much needed experience as a shutter bug. As you can see by the smiles on his face this was a chance of a lifetime for our photographer, and one very much appreciated. Joe’s a great photographer and his many contributions to this magazine have not gone unnoticed by the many fans who read it. Thank you Joe for all your hard work !!!



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