July, 2012

‘Pathvaliant’ by guest author Glenn James

Sunday, July 15th, 2012
Author Glenn James

Guest Author Glenn James

Glenn James continues his exploration of the civilisation of the great Vampire Royal Houses from his Skaler work, in recounting a curious legend which might sound, in places, oddly familiar…

“There is an inexhaustible fund of lore surrounding the history of the great Born Vampire families, especially those of Pylegrey, deep under the Black Mountains in Wales.  Of course, the ones which fascinate scholars most surround the shadowed Gosmanger Clan, the most ancient of all the Children of Pylegrey, those who found Lucifer himself when he fell to earth.  And of all of these, one of the most popular is a cautionary tale about the earliest sons of the house, Pathvaliant the Skychaser.  Pathvaliant’s tale dates from the days before the Deluge, a few thousand years after the fall of the Sun of the Moring, before the great families withdrew to their labyrinthine dark cities below the earth…. “

Lift up your eyes, lift up your eyes my Children of the Dusk, and look upon the face of the Queen of the Moon, and know her visage.  Know her face in your mind and let not her beauty slip into your heart, for it will fasten a knot there no cunning or artifice can undo.  See her on her cusp of ice, brushing her long flaxen hair forever in the eternal night, idly watching the busy Earth caught in the jaws of ancient Father Id, as he flies forever in his dwindling voyage around the sun. (more…)