Entertainment Event of the Year!!!

World Music and Independent Film Festival- Washington DC

 Hollywood has its Oscars, but the East Coast has an equally impressive event of its own. Yes, The World Music and Independent Film Festival   will be taking center stage in Washington, D.C.. This is the major award ceremony for actors and independent movies, as well as musicians, looking to reap recognition from their peers for their hard gained efforts.

This year’s event will be held again in the world famous Capital Hilton Hotel, not far from the Whitehouse and our nations Capitol. Event master June Daguiso will once again be conducting this lively and important show. Many fine actors, filmmakers, and musicians will be on hand hoping to be named the Best of the Best.

Screenings of the various categories will be held at the National Navy Museum, Burke Theater, and at the Capital Hilton’s Presidential’s Room during the week of August 19th-23rd. The Gala Event will take place on Saturday, August 25th. Information for tickets and performances can be found at info.wmiff@yahoo.com, which can easily be obtained by clicking on the WMIFF logo located in the right hand column of this publication’s Homepage.

This is an event that local and National News should be aware of. Our magazine’s top choice is the heart wrenching political documentary film I Am NEDA ,the historical event involving a young Iranian student murdered by Iranian government forces during a peaceful protest that was seeking political freedom for the citizens of that harsh government regime. The film has received awards at the Cannes Film Festival and many other such festivals around the world.

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine will also make its presence there and will have it’s staff and photographers on hand to film the event and report its winners in its following issue. It promises to be a lively show and we hope that the area will turn out to capture the glamour and glitz that it will surely offer.


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