‘Stray Dog’ by Guest Poet Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

Fingers tapped; clock watched

Late for dinner… again.

Spun tires; churned gravel

Car door slammed…


“Stuck at work.”

As if that excuse explained

Being wrapped in a scent

I stopped wearing… years ago.

The same scent on a birthday card
from someone else.

“I know.”

One chance to come clean

His smile too ready
A lie in his eyes.
My expression warned
Don’t you dare!

“I’m sorry.”

Two glasses at hand
Forgiveness, or

Relieved, words continued

To flow.

“It was only one time

I solemnly swear

Cindi meant nothing

to me.”

A special drink poured.

No breath left
pleading eyes asked

I could have forgiven you for Cindi,

he card was signed

‘Love Rachel’.” 

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