TAEM interview with recording artist Woodson Michel

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazines revels in the music entertainment field and we are thrilled to present a top recording artist, Woodson Michel, to all of our readers. Woodson, how did you start down the road in your musical career, and what training did you receive for it?

WM- I started I guess by hanging around my boy Marc Celestin Jr. and some other friends that where musicians and, honestly, that I guess is when I started falling for music. From then on I recall senior year I was working with some other friends. (Marc Celestin & Jordan Scott)  The training I got at first was being around musicians and seeing how they work. Second was me being around my other friends whom where writers and seeing how they formulate they’re words. Third training was me saving enough money for 1 month of vocal training (too expensive but back then I had the biggest crush on the teacher)

TAEM- When did you first play before an audience and tell us about that first event for you?

WM- The first time I played in front of an audience was with my group “lowkey” It was scary at first, nerves and tension and all that but as soon after we hit the harmony at it was easy. I guess I was over thinking it.  Your first performances always stay with you.

TAEM-Tell us about your first musical group and the people that played alongside of you.

WM- The group I was in was called “Low key” consist of Ralph G & Maurice Hampton and myself.  Ralph was like the one whom was always like we got to be serious about things,  any time females was around he’d be the first to sing to them, Maurice was the type if you didn’t know him you’d think he was too serious because of the looks he gave. But he was the clown and a prankster.  These 2 guys where the best group members I could have ever asked for because we complimented each other very well. Different style, voices that together was beautiful. Since then I have been consistently recording/ performing with Marc Celestin Jr., he’s my producer and he’s featured on most of my songs, and we vibe very well off of each other on stage so its like we are a group.

TAEM- Tell us something about your fan base.

WM- My fan base is not limited to certain crowed people; it’s diverse, females and males alike. The songs are about females, but everyman can sing the song’s without feeling to emotional. The fans have been great for showing me support. The fans I spoke to said more dance music so we keep the album “Your Night” more Upbeat for the fans, but at the same time got some of the old school R&B for the real Rnb lovers!

TAEM- Your first album was titled ‘Your Night’. Describe this album for us and tell our readers of its success.

WM- Your Night – Is an album that can’t really be put to one category, I am a very versatile artist and on that album we went to work and did everything. The album is urban contemporary which contains R&B, hip hop, Soca, Pop and reggae.  The album is very upbeat, club music, starting your night before heading out throw the “Your Night” album and you got yourself a party starter. The album is so successful to me because still to today people are contacting and wanting to work with me due to that album. That album has gotten me recognition among a lot of people which I wouldn’t have the opportunity if I didn’t release an album of that magnitude.

TAEM- Your next single was ‘Pop Pop’. Where has this been seen, and how proud were you of its acceptance there?

WM- We were so proud to have had that song “Pop Pop “on CSI 1109, it was a great step toward the right direction, and proving that we can make music that will compete with the majors music companies.

TAEM- You are also in the process of creating a music video. Can you tell us something about it?

WM- The new music video is for my upcoming EP/Lp we are set to release soon under JMS Records and ENT.  It’s to the track called “AEIOU” its Zouk style, More of a Caribbean sound, The video is about how men need to treat their women right because at some point another there  will be another man, if they’re not doing what there suppose to keep her right. Lol…

But we also have at least 2 more videos to do off of the “EP/Lp”.

TAEM- We learned that you are also CEO of your own music production company. Please fill our readership in on this thrilling venture.

WM- JMS Records and ENT. Is a label my manager, artist lavish and I put together to push ourselves out there.

VV5 studios are a company that I try to put most of my upcoming film work under to show a different side of me out there.

TAEM- Woodson, you have a remarkable talent and you seem to have your future goals in sight. We want to thank you for taking your time for this interview with The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and I know that our readers are thrilled to learn all about you. We wish you sincere luck in all your future endeavors.


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