TAEM News Flash- Washington, D.C. Film Fest a Success

On August 25th the World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) held it’s third annual film and music awards in Washington, D.C.. Under the Guidance of it’s founder, June Daguiso, the event went off without a hitch.

The festivals nominations included films and music from the East Coast and around the World. It was also held in the prestigious Capital Hilton Hotel just blocks away from The White House and our nations Capitol.

The categories for nomination included all those presented in Hollywood Oscars, as well as many Music styles available on the charts today. The hosts for the show were Charlie Visconage and Taylor Durant who made sure that the show flowed smoothly.

Musical performances were provided by ObiShawn Kenobi, Jeff Saxon, Debbie Poole, Catherine Asaro, Anthony Parker, and Lady Maxim. The delightful luncheon was served by the Capital Hilton staff.

Our readers are urged to click on the WMIFF logo to find the names of nomination attendees and winners. The Arts and Entertainment Magazine was well represented by our publisher and head photographer. “The show went smoothly and professionally,” said TAEM publisher, Joseph J. O’Donnell, “and promises to attract even more attendees in the forthcoming years. June’s dream to bring filmmakers and musicians from all over the world to our area”.

June Daguiso is the founder of MJD Productions, LLC, as well as being the founder of the festival. He also chairs the Hot Media International Film Festival and Hollywood in Washington DC Talk Show. This year’s film festival has participation of artists from over thirty-two countries. All attendeeĀ  pics were provided by our photographer, Joe O’Donnell.


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