October, 2012

TAEM News Flash-The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & The Eerie Digest attends the Baltimore Comic Con!!!

Monday, October 1st, 2012

The first thing our readers will notice is that both our new name and original name has been used in the headliner of the News Flash. This was because so many of the comic book artists had recognized our original name at this classic Baltimore event. It was strange but welcome to find so many of our fans there.

I manned the camera the two days so my photographer (and son) could gain some impressive autographs for his collection. We did switch places as my arms got tired from lugging the equipment while trying to shoot the many costumed attendees. The young and adults both were dressed up as their favorite heroes and villains.

Attending the event were some heavy hitters from the comic book publishers. Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Scot Snyder, Greg Capulio, David Finch, and Brian Bolland  were there to sign works from the likes of Batman and Spiderman. There were also many up and coming artists displaying there talents. (more…)

A Collection of Poems by Guest Poet Candice James

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Guest Poet Candice James


I sit here talking Captain Morgan jive,

My tongue loosed by the pull of spicy rum;

I sip the music down and come alive

I beetle down inside a droning hum,

The room starts spinning as old ghosts pass by.

I smile at each and proffer all a wink;

Though mostly surly, one gives me the eye.

Nirvana’s caught in never ending blink

As Tweedle dum embraces Tweedle dee.

The barroom drunks now reeling, sing and hiss,

In karaoke’s veiled cacophony

But I’m oblivious with whiskey kiss. (more…)

Travel Time with Roger Tweed: Hiking in Banff National Park

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Travel Time with Roger Tweed

On August 12, I picked Roch up at the Calgary airport and we headed out on the Trans Canada for Banff, stopping at a Mr. Sub on the outskirts of Calgary. You see Mr. Sub signs on the boards at hockey games and on the outfield walls at Toronto Blue Jays games on TV, and I must say that our subs were very good. Once you get to the west of Calgary the Rockies begin. The mountains are all around the Trans Canada, and they are very impressive.

We went straight to Lake Louise, which is west of the town of Banff where we would spend that night. Lake Louise is fed by the six glaciers that cover Victoria Peak (the lake is named for Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter). Chateau Lake Louise was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and several of the peaks surrounding the lake are named for CP officials of the era. The angle of the sun washed out some of our pictures, but the place is as beautiful as you are led to expect. You can hike all the way around the lake, but between the bugs and our needing to get to Banff and our accommodations, we made this stop a bit brief. (more…)

TAEM interview with producer James Stiles

Monday, October 1st, 2012

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is constantly probing the entertainment field for new venues to report on. We have luckily stumbled upon producer James Stiles to lead us down a whole new path. James, we recently learned of your project, ‘Bass Masters’, in the state of Maine. We understand that this is a sports fishing show. Can you tell us something about it, and how it begun ?

JS-  First, I’d like to thank you for being in your publication and applaud you for your great articles.  I love fish for dinner and wanted to know more about Haddock fishing. Contacted a local guy who turned out to belong to a local Bass Fishing Club here in Maine.  I thought it would be interesting and doable to follow each club tournament and break them down to Web Originals thus creating www.Mainely.tv

TAEM- Where are the shooting locations for this show, and who are some of the participants ?

JS-  Augusta, Maine is actually near the best Lakes for Bass Fishing in Maine.  The Club Members I follow are from Capital Area Bassmasters.  Bob Caron Started the club in 2008 so they are a fairly new club with only a few members. (more…)

TAEM interview with comic/author Roxy Rich

Monday, October 1st, 2012

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has the chance to introduce to all our readers Roxy Rich, who is not only a stand-up comic, but also an actress and author. Roxy, we rarely have had the chance to interview someone of your caliber who has worked in all the fields that we introduce to our readership so this is a great opportunity for us. You began your entertainment career as a stand-up comic. How did this come about ?

RR-      I was always on stage as a kid.  And I was constantly singing or dancing or telling jokes on the playground, on a neighbor’s trampoline, wherever any one would listen.  I loved entertaining people.  I also wrote.  My first poem was published in the school newspaper in the third grade.  I’ve had several published since in other local papers, such as The Typhoon Lagoon Lifeguard Lament, which was published in Walt Disney World’s Monthly news when I worked there.

I was voted Funniest Person in Class in the tenth grade at Douglass Anderson School of Arts.  I didn’t even know there was a category for that.  Somehow, I just wound up in the year book with a picture of me in a Santa Costume!

I was always a writer and actor, and stand up came later. (more…)

TAEM Newsflash- Author Amy Mah has a new Novel !

Monday, October 1st, 2012

  Author Amy Mah who we had interviewed in our March 1st, 2011 issue, has now published a follow-up issue to her hit Fangs Rule: A Girl’s Guide to being a Vampire. Amy has a huge following in the UK, and is gaining an interest by the younger generation here in the States. Her new book is titled Amy Mah, Vampire, and can be found at Amazon.

   Our publisher has read this new work by Amy and found it quite interesting. We feel that the younger set, with their keen interest in all things Vampire, will enjoy this book as well. “It does have a hint at sexual play, but is much more tame than it sets out on”, he has been heard to say. Parents of young children may need to be more discerning but older teenagers and young adults would love the humor within its pages. (more…)

TAEM interview with author John M. Wills

Monday, October 1st, 2012

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine always looks for authors to present to our readers. Many of these authors derive their work from life’s experiences. One such writer is author John M. Wills. John, we understand that you originally started your career as a police officer after leaving the military service. Please tell our readers about this episode in your life.

JMW- Gladly, and thank you for this opportunity. Serving in the Army for two years gave me an insight into what I refer to as a “structured life.” I fit comfortably into the military, finding the rules and regulations in the Army left me with no doubt as to what was expected of me.

When my two years of service were up, I looked for that same type of structure. I found it with the Chicago Police Department. It proved to be an easy transition, going from the military to the police. I enjoyed the excitement and the camaraderie, and discovered that being a cop was more a vocation than a job. (more…)