A Collection of Poems by Guest Poet Candice James

Guest Poet Candice James


I sit here talking Captain Morgan jive,

My tongue loosed by the pull of spicy rum;

I sip the music down and come alive

I beetle down inside a droning hum,

The room starts spinning as old ghosts pass by.

I smile at each and proffer all a wink;

Though mostly surly, one gives me the eye.

Nirvana’s caught in never ending blink

As Tweedle dum embraces Tweedle dee.

The barroom drunks now reeling, sing and hiss,

In karaoke’s veiled cacophony

But I’m oblivious with whiskey kiss.


We’re setting sail for serendipity,

My nemesis, that Morgan lad and me.

Candice James © 2012



Candice James © 2012


In the beginning,

I travel through this hazy wonderland,

A smooth stone skipping lakes in my mind.

In the middle

Dreams cascade, then splash and crash

Through the mirrors of my soul.

At the end

I reflect and ripple in a never ending pool of timelessness.


I’ve tried to climb inside these smooth stones

And disappear into the wrinkled pockets of a sandy shoal

Alone with only the echoes of my mind


Black top hats tip in parody to me.

White satin gloves feign to touch me.

In this moment of grooved silence

I am magnetized by these illusions and pulled relentlessly

To the mysterious chant of a strange madrigal

Quite pregnant and delirious with the expectation

That I will come face to face with myself,

As I journey through this wonderland I call oblivion.


Through the haze, approaching me I see

Dark, darker, darkest knight in shining armour;

He who chills my sacred dreams with such a heavy caress

It makes my heart bleed dark matter bullets

That fall noiselessly through to the other side of me.

The side of me I’ve never met.

The side of me that scares me to death.


I’ve lost my edge, careening on uneven ice,

Tripping on unlaced skates.

I climb into my shadow  at the ragged edge of my spirit.

Trying to dust the frost off this endless night of no return.


This wonderland!!  I love to peek into it, fall through it

And scream at its porcelain walls of thoughts, nightmares,

Prison cells, beauty, death, love, lust and hate.


This is Wonderland!!  This is me stripped down past the core of me

Until I’m not me anymore, until I’m you.


In the beginning,   — A smooth stone

In the middle, — Dreams splashing, crashing

In the end,  — A ripple disappearing

Candice James © 2012



© 2012  Candice James


“Aye laddie, off yer arse and swab the bloody deck.

Swab it once then swab it twice. I’ll be back to check.

Use muscle, spit and polish. Make the ‘Sea Queen’ shine like gold.

If I find a speck o’ dirt ye’ll be snorin’ in the hold.


I runs a tight ship always, even tighter on the main.

I’ve locked horns with wilds beasts and foes that were the devil’s bane

And if ye think ye’ll outsmart me yer dumber than ye look.

I’ve got yer number pirate boy written in me book.

If ye mess with the bearded man that wears the Captain’s hat

Ye’ll feel ten o’ the nine tails snap from the leather cat.

But if your deed be dastardly I’ll make ye walk the plank.

Ye can bet yer boots on that me lad like money in the bank.


I’ve sailed the seven seas and then a wee bit more.

I’ve always been a savage man that settles every score.

Five hundred men have crossed me boy and they be dead as doors.

Some scoundrels begged for their lives, crawlin’ on all fours.

But I be not bent to sentiment or sympathy at all.

Five hundred men have drawn their swords.  Five hundred men did fall.

Remember Long John Silver and old Blackbeard his’self?

I sent ‘em down with fatal wounds  to Davy Jones’ shelf.


So now we be at sea for twenty seven days and one,

Searchin’ for a sea dog breeze in this rabid Sun.

But don’t lose heart my bra’ young tar, I smell the treasure near.

Just around that jut of land an island will appear.

Many a tar heel’s lived and died tryin’ to find me gold.

Many a map’s been spattered with blood and torn along the fold.

The only ones that knows the cave is me and peg leg Fred

And many a moon has come and gone since peg leg Fred’s been dead.


So, I’s the only one that knows the course we has to steer.

We’ll crack that chest and hold the gold and hoist a cup o’ cheer.

Har! Look I see the Sun’s come up and brought a breeze to boot.

The cook will still be sleepin’ lad.  Go rustle that old coot.



And while you’re at it boy, rouse the wretches from their bed.

Once we’ve filled our guts with grits we’ll sail full speed ahead

To the cave of plenty where we’ll share and share alike,

But Captain gets a bit more for his sailin’ ship and strike.”


The ship did heave. The ship did shudder as they braved the waves

That tossed and turned the ship above old pirates in their graves.

Then round the jut of land they came and the sea became a lake

Placid and inviting them to come and grab their take.


“Thar’ she be boys shinin’ like a diamond in the deep.

A fortune in gold’s buried in the cave of Peril Keep.

So down the boats and man the oars and row hard fer the shore.

Waitin’ there fer us, is gold dubloons, and jewels and more.

That rocky faced opening’s a sight for these sore eyes.

Inside its jaw then two left jogs be where me treasure lies.

Ye’ll get your fair share that’s fer sure, the cut won’t be lopsided

So when we gets there mind yer manners til the pot’s divided.”


And so this motley crew debarked and dug with haste and speed

In great anticipation their eyes grew wide with greed

At last they heard the welcome clunk of wood and clang of steel

They brought the chest up to the top and broke the lock and seal


The glare of gold did glitter.  Diamonds and rubies shone

They shared the loot and drank the boot until the crack of dawn

Then black eyed Bart with blackguard heart said “I deserve some more”

His pistol aimed at Captain Cord, the shot rang out before

Black Bart could pull the trigger, Billy plugged him ‘tween the eyes.

Black Bart fell dead upon the floor, face frozen with surprise.

The deck hand Billy Bob was now the hero of the day

The Captain’s fair haired laddie had made that devil pay!


The Captain and his motley crew can sometimes still be seen

Gliding through the waters on the waterlogged ‘Sea Queen’.

The ghosts of Billy Bob and Captain Cord still sail the deep

Wandering the caverns in the cave of Peril Keep.



©1987 Candice James


Time winks,


And folds,

Now and then.


On the white capped lip of an Ocean wave,

The sun dances with shimmering devils

On a diamond studded dance floor

Of blueberry ripple crystalline waves


Gulls cry on high

Clouds sigh through the puffed moist lips

Of a slow breathing sky


White doves centre,

Then scatter in flight,

Splashes of luminous bright

Bleached origami pillows

Flung onto powder blue sheets



A lost dream,

Is winding its way home


Time winks,


And folds,

Now and then.

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