TAEM interview with producer James Stiles

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is constantly probing the entertainment field for new venues to report on. We have luckily stumbled upon producer James Stiles to lead us down a whole new path. James, we recently learned of your project, ‘Bass Masters’, in the state of Maine. We understand that this is a sports fishing show. Can you tell us something about it, and how it begun ?

JS-  First, I’d like to thank you for being in your publication and applaud you for your great articles.  I love fish for dinner and wanted to know more about Haddock fishing. Contacted a local guy who turned out to belong to a local Bass Fishing Club here in Maine.  I thought it would be interesting and doable to follow each club tournament and break them down to Web Originals thus creating www.Mainely.tv

TAEM- Where are the shooting locations for this show, and who are some of the participants ?

JS-  Augusta, Maine is actually near the best Lakes for Bass Fishing in Maine.  The Club Members I follow are from Capital Area Bassmasters.  Bob Caron Started the club in 2008 so they are a fairly new club with only a few members.

TAEM- Tell us about some of the prizes that local anglers vie for.

JS-  Well , they need to keep their fish alive for the weigh in.  After 5 hours on a hot day that is not so easy to do. A dead fish is a penalty they take serious.  More for the dead fish then anything.  The winner with the most total weight of fish receives a cash price $80 and a Nice Trophy.

TAEM- What is the progress so far on airing this show ?

JS-  Right now I’m on episode 3 , coming out in October. Its the best episode yet.  Bob Caron had his best day that day and I have it all on video.

TAEM- How did you get started in filmmaking in the first place ?

JS-  I always admired Stephen Spielberg growing up.  I had no idea how cliché that was until I got older.  But it always stayed with me. Writing and Directing is a passion I have.  Creating 30 min web episodes are great for filmmakers!   Price of cameras are down and youtube is free.  If your episodes start getting millions of views your phone will ring off the hook with deals.

TAEM-We originally heard of you in 2004 and 2005 in three productions: ‘Thunder Road’, Maestro’, and ‘Empire Falls’. Please tell us about these and the roles that you played in their production.

JS-  Oh wow, back to The Workshops and a good friend and casting director Dee Cooke who did the casting for EF.  TR was Doug Stradley’s Student film , executive producer Valerie Landsburg ( FAME ) and voice over by Seth Meyers from ( SNL ) . I helped cast that film, that was my first taste of casting.  Maestro was my first CD Job , and I started New England Casting as a fact was before FB .  Empire Falls was great because I had 3 jobs, hand double for Ed Harris , extra, and stand in. Great money all combined.

TAEM-  Soon after you wore a different hat in ‘God’s Beach’ and ‘Willow’s Way’. What were these productions about and what hand did you play in their production ?

JS-  God’s Beach was great to meet Clyane Crawford and Azura Skye. This was a NYC Thesis film .  Willows Way was a low budget first time filmmaker who need a Casting Director to cast actors.  The feature film did make money.  Over $70,000 I think.

TAEM- In 2010 you had an acting role in the short ‘Vial’. Describe this film for our readers and the character that you portrayed in it.

JS-  This was film noir and I was fascinated with the genre.  The director William Bourassa Jr.

TAEM- Is there any new projects on the horizon, and where do you see yourself going in the next five years ?

JS-   I’m working on shows for www.Mainely.tv right now.  Sports like fishing and hunting.

TAEM- James, I envy you on the location that you work in and I am sure that our readers will be thrilled to learn of your various projects. We want to thank you for spending your time with us here at The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and we want to wish you much luck in all that you do.


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