TAEM News Flash-The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & The Eerie Digest attends the Baltimore Comic Con!!!

The first thing our readers will notice is that both our new name and original name has been used in the headliner of the News Flash. This was because so many of the comic book artists had recognized our original name at this classic Baltimore event. It was strange but welcome to find so many of our fans there.

I manned the camera the two days so my photographer (and son) could gain some impressive autographs for his collection. We did switch places as my arms got tired from lugging the equipment while trying to shoot the many costumed attendees. The young and adults both were dressed up as their favorite heroes and villains.

Attending the event were some heavy hitters from the comic book publishers. Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Scot Snyder, Greg Capulio, David Finch, and Brian Bolland  were there to sign works from the likes of Batman and Spiderman. There were also many up and coming artists displaying there talents.

Comic book publishers were also on hand looking to catch the rising talents and professional models, called The Comic-Con Cuties, added to the fanfare by donning the costumes of favorite comic book characters.

There was also a vast supply of products from the many comic book and toy dealers to occupy the crowds, as collectors hunted for those items to fill their collections.  The Baltimore Convention Center also had

many staff members on hand to help with the tasks and added security to make sure that all ran smoothly.


Our trip was pleasant and we stayed at the Towsand Best Western along the beltway to ease the travel time. Their restaurant, the Pho Towsand served excellent Vietnamese dishes, which were inexpensive and filling. I would recommend this stay to everyone.

Surprisingly parking could be found easily if you attended this venue early. Baltimore had also been hosting a baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and The New York Yankees the same weekend and hosted the Baltimore Grande Prix just before this weekend. Other sites included the Inner Harbor, The National Aquarium, and The Baltimore Railroad Museum….all within walking distance. Fort McHenry, sight of the battle that was defined in The Star Spangled Banner was just a short boat launch ride across the harbor. A Science Museum was found at harbor-side as well. As we concentrated on the Baltimore Comic-Con we decided to tout these venues at a later time.

So much to see and do in the amazing City of Baltimore !!!



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