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    The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and THE EERIE DIGEST went on tour in Los Angeles and visited the Universal Studios. Here is Hollywood at its finest. In our flight to LA we had the great fortune of sharing seats with actor Danny Glover. I presented him with our business card and hope that he responds with our request for an on-line interview with our magazine.

The weather was beautiful and our stay at The Embassy Suites Hotel near LAX Airport was a wonderful choice. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Our stay was lengthened by four days as flights to the East Coast were canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. The hotel’s Aero Bistro restaurant offered sumptuous dining, yet at reasonable costs.

    Rodeo Drive was every bit as beautiful (and expensive) as everyone talked about. We even spotted Monty Python actor John Cleese out for a stroll. For those looking to see the sites we advise taking a VIP Tours bus for their initial visit. Take the downtown tour first to get the feel for the area. A drive through the area reveals a lot. Venice Beach although expensive doesn’t give one much bang for the buck, and the beach area itself harbors many ‘strange’ people.

Manhattan Beach PierThe one area that I fell in love with, was Manhattan Beach with all it’s small shops, great restaurants and close vicinity to the airport and malls. The pier offers great views and a quiet stroll, and fishing from it is allowed. One great little restaurant along the main strip, Manhattan Avenue, is Old Venice. They serve Greek and Italian cuisine and I had the best gyro sandwich that I have ever eaten. Another great eatery is the Manhattan Beach Creamery. Their ice cream selection was tasty indeed.   If there is one place that I would like to live in LA, I would not hesitate but to pick this little piece of heaven.

Universal Studios was a great visit and we were able to see many of the sets that movies and television shows were filmed at. Some of the attractions were closed because they were preparing the park for their annual Halloween festival. Dracula and Beetlejuice greeted us on our arrival and had a little fun with our publisher and our photographer. Dracula particularly loved my wife, Maryann, who is in charge of all our bookeeping. I gave my business cards to the park manager and the business office and hope to hear from them soon. A further exploration of Universal’s inner works is necessary.

Just outside the park entrance you can find City Walk. They have unbelievable shops and restaurants including Bubba Gump’s which we also found in San Francisco during our stay there. City Loft located at the site also is a great spot to stop. You can definately ‘shop til you drop’ at this attraction and it’s conveniently located outside of Universal’s gates. All in all the LA trip was a success even though our flight back east was delayed four days. We look forward to getting back to Los Angeles to conduct business for the magazine and to be able to present some of the wonderful talent that it offers to our readership. Now that the groundwork is set, we shall go from there.


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