TAEM interview with actress Donnie Kent

Donnie Kent

Actress Donnie Kent

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine always loves to hear from new actors and reveal the process that all who hone their craft must go through. With many students of the arts using our publication as a learning tool to follow in the footsteps of success, we try to ask each of those that we interview to reveal the path that they have taken to achieve their goals.

A new actress who has taken these same steps has now come into our focus. Donnie Kent has begun to achieve the goals that she has set her sights on. Donnie, what was the learning process that you originally undertook?

DK- I started this career in my early 30’s, but I let life get in the way.  When I realized there was a large demographic for baby boomers, I decided to give it another shot and not give up on the dream.  I enrolled in workshops, got some great headshots by Bob Lasky, a fabulous photographer, signed on with a few agents, and started the process of auditioning.

TAEM- What made you choose acting as your career, and who was your greatest inspiration?

DK- As a child I loved to play make believe and had a vivid imagination.  Acting allows me to use a creative process where I am able to challenge the listener on an emotional level and make them think.  I guess I am supposed to say my mother (chuckle), but it was actually Oprah who inspired me.  Regardless of looks, weight, color, she has persevered and become one of the most respected icons of our time.  From her I learned about things that were only whispered, if talked about at all.  She is wonderfully flawed and is every woman.  Smart, warm, charming and curious.  I was drawn in by her curiosity.

Actress Donnie Kent

Donnie Kent

TAEM- You first appeared in 2011 in a film called “The Test”. Please tell us about this film and the role that you played in it.

DK- The Test was my first feature and I appear in only one scene , but it set the tone for the movie.  It is a powerful story and I don’t want to ruin it, but my daughter has to choose between her unborn baby and giving him/her up for adoption.

TAEM- Who were some of the other actors that you played along side of, and tell us about the director and production team behind it.

DK- Noelle Conners played my daughter, Susan, and it was directed Justin Routt and produced by Birch Creek Films.

TAEM- This year you are completing a TV pilot called Pieces. Describe this project for our readers and the theme behind it.

DK- Pieces was sooo much fun to film and has a very talented and funny cast.  It was directed by Blake Woolwine.  I play a swinger Mom who likes to hit on my daughter’s guy friends and she is totally humiliated by her parents’ antics.

TAEM- We also understand that you have several other projects in ‘the works’. Can you give us some insight about these?

DK- I just filmed a TV Pilot called, Miami Stripped, where I play Shay, the bartender.  Shay is the confidante to the bar owner (Janet Carabelli) who has lost her husband and is forced to run his bar.  The Director is the Nick Morgan and the Writer/Producer is Nicanson Guerrier.  I had never been to a strip bar before so it was interesting.

I am currently working on a SAG TV/WebSeries called, Clarissa’s World, under the direction of Sharlene Humm.  It’s a wonderful project and I love playing Clarissa’s Mom, Lena.  It revolves around a fantastic community of actors and storylines and Clarissa’s dream to make it in the entertainment industry.

Another project in the works is The Daughters of Hustle where I have accepted the re-curring role of Dr. Rachel Miller.  MD Morris is putting his blockbuster E-Book into a movie series and I love this story about two female gangs.  It is superb writing and I can’t wait to start filming.

Donnie Kent

Donnie Kent

TAEM- What other type of productions would you like to be involved with, and where do you see yourself in your career in the next five years?

DK- I am also a Spokesperson and Lifestyle model, as well as an actor, and have been lucky to play younger than my actual years.  I hope to continue doing whatever comes my way on this journey.  I love all venues in the entertainment industry and I have appeared in all forms of media including TV, (The Glades, Burn Notice, Magic City, America’s Most Wanted) Film (Rock of Ages, Step Up 4) numerous commercials, infomercials and print.  I am currently the spokesperson for Chapes-JPL and I am most proud of a multi-award winning commercial I did for Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure this past year produced by Komar Studios, alongside my talented and beautiful co-star, Ms. Judith Remekie.

TAEM- What words of wisdom can you share with those actors just starting out?

DK-  Never give up!  Take classes, get great headshots and agents, and be pro-active at the same time.  Be prepared and professional on set and in all auditions.  You may not be right for the role, but may be remembered by the director for something else.  Always remember, it is selection, not rejection.  Do your best and then forget about it and move on to the next.  There is only one you and if that is who they want, you will book it!

TAEM- Donnie, I want to thank you for the time you spent with us for this interview, and we wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Please promise to keep in touch with us so that our readership can follow your career closely in the future.

DK – My pleasure!

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