TAEM interview with artist Bobby Oyawusi

Bobby OyawusiTAEM- Our publication, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, would like to touch upon one of the major cornerstones of our magazine, Art. Art is portrayed in our every day lives. From pictures, to film, and even advertising. We don’t believe most people knows how it affects them, no less reaches out to catch their attention. One constant influence of art is in advertising. Art helps advertisers connect with the buying public. It helps move products by first catching your attention, then focusing it on the subject in question. One such artist is Bobby Oyawusi, whose stunning displays are both pivotal to view and pleasing to the eye. Bobby, what art courses and training did you undertake to achieve this dream ? 

BO- Good question this is probably one of the biggest hurdles I have to get over, I actually didn’t realize I wanted to get into art and advertising until a couple years ago.  I studied pre-med in college. However, I would always jot down these ideas and concepts I had and one day a co-worker suggested that I try to execute them. I got a lot of good feedback so I just kept at it, I realized I liked it I realized a whole lot actually, I kind of have a mild obsession with perfection and I think the world should see it as I do.

TAEM- What led you down the path to using your talents towards the advertising media, and who was your greatest influence in this field ?

BO-   I think  it’s because I remember like every commercial since I was a  kid .  More often than not I would say to myself  “oh they should have done this”,  or “this would be funnier if they did that”.  So I started writing my own skits and commercials/   advertisements. Commercials are like mini movies to me, there’s a plot characters and setting etc.  Writing commercials and skits and my comic book will prepare me to write and direct films. I think KAWS , the graffiti artist, has had  a lot of influence on me as far career paths go. I would always see articles different brands and companies collaborating with artists namely KAWS and I wanted to be apart of that, I’m pretty sure he gets a lot of perks, who doesn’t like free stuff.

TAEM- What was the first product line that you worked on ?

BO- This would have to be the Miami Monsters t-shirt.  I remember watching “Thee Decision”, this is when Lebron James first let everyone know he would be going to  Miami. I immediately knew everyone would hate him for that but I also figured it would create this all-star team, much like the monster team from the movie Spacejam. So I worked with a local artist to produce a mash-up of the Miami heat and Spacejam. I matched the color scheme with the ever so popular South Beach color way and I would like to say the rest is history, but I still get orders for that t-shirt now.

TAEM- Tell us something about the BMW advertising that you created, and how this had an affect on your career.

BO- It hasn’t had the effect that I thought it would, or should. I feel like all of my concepts are million dollar ideas. With the “Time for BMW” project there could be numerous commercials on all different types of paraphernalia watches, clocks, and apparel .  I was sure this would be my big break. I quickly realized that it’s really hard to get noticed, it’s extremely difficult to get your work in front of those powerful people who can make it blow. It’s a little discouraging when you see the same old thing everywhere or you see artwork or ideas that are mediocre, or just plain don’t make sense and then there are projects like ‘Time for BMW’, and IL BullShift and its not getting the recognition it deserves. I felt like both of these concepts are simple enough to get but very thought provoking at the same time. Lamborghini’s raging bull  logo the Wall ST Bull they look exactly the same, both deal with or are symbols of wealth= gold . Sorry for the Kanye moment.

TAEM- What other major products have you worked on ?

BO- I just finished a series of work: The Label Whores. This project involves some of the more famous luxury logos and put them in compromising settings.  I feel like this project shows a lot of my advertising talents, I was able to show a brand in a different way yet still keeping the raw gaudiness that many of their consumers like. Then there is the thought provoking aspect of the project.  It’s not to throw stones at the consumers of these brands, but to say that we are all label whores, whether we buy Target, Nike, Kellogg’s, Apple or Huggies, we are all buying into these brands whether its for quality  or price accessibility , we are buying the brand for a reason, therefore we can’t call some consumers whores and not everyone.

TAEM- We also understand that you work with Wickid Pissa Publicity as their Art Director. Tell us about this aspect of your career.

BO- I was just brought on the Wickid Pissa team. They have a lot projects going on especially in the film world. I am sure you will be hearing about our collaborative efforts very soon. I hope with their experience, and my creativity, that I’ll be able to flush out more of my film concepts and scripts. I also hope to turn the comic book I mentioned into a series and or movie. To make a long story short I’m looking forward to a beautiful relationship between Perfect Time inc and Wickid Pissa.

TAEM- You also developed your own company, Perfect Time, Inc. . What goals have you set for its success, and where do you see it, and your career, five years from now.

BO- I would like to have an established apparel and accessory line, I have several projects in music and film and in 5 years I would like to have between 5-10 projects in the music industry as far as production or direction and concept of music videos. I would like to at least start working on a film whether its just having a script in powerful hands or actually started with production. Also, of course, some major commercials and at least one super bowl commercial.

TAEM- Where can our readers see your work ?

BO- I have a site Perfetimeinc.com I am in the midst of revamping it, I will also have work in various shows, including an upcoming showing in Montclair on Sept 30. The new site will be more personal, I like to get feedback and initial thoughts and I love the blog fights, like when one blogger comments on another blogger’s comments and they argue back and forth, very entertaining.

TAEM- Bobby, you have certainly planned a perfect career to display your work. We want to thank you for your time with this interview and hope that you keep in touch with us about all your future accomplishments. I know that our readership, world-wide, will enjoy seeing your work.


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