TAEM Interview with Producer Lorenzo Raveggi

TAEM- Filmmaking in the United States seems to dwell on the action-packed picture with special effects at its core. European filmmaking, on the other hand, tends to be more artistic. This was recently evident in the recent motion picture ‘The American’. To explore that point further The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has started to focus on European producers and directors as the basis for this trend. We recently discovered Lorenzo Raveggi, a director/producer that hails from Florence Italy. Lorenzo, Please describe your origins in filmmaking.

LR- Hello, I am Florentine yes. Florence is capital of the Renaissance. I was born like career with the lyric theatre and than growing up to writing movies and acting. My passion for the great history transported me to filmmaking. And now here I am.

TAEM- Who were your mentors in your career and tell us who inspired you the most ?

LR- I trust very much in Lorenzo Raveggi. And if I can say a name of inspiration maybe the Great Luchino Visconti. But I repeat I think to be Lorenzo Raveggi and love my originality.

Lorenzo RaveggiTAEM- How would you describe the differences in the two fore-mentioned styles of filmmaking ?

LR- I think that both can co-existing. Big visual or special effects movies can be founding with an European style making of the movies. My films for example will have a part of special effects but great real scenographies, wonderful locations and special costumes.

TAEM- Which of the two do you follow more closely?

LR- I repeat. I love artistic parts. Because  I am a writer and in Italy for example we have all real locations where we can locate our best scenes. But today it is important for the public to make to see wonderful special effects too.

TAEM- How does that effect the films that you produce?

LR- I am growing up like producer to and I want to give great intensify to my present and future films always more.

TAEM- In 2011 and 2012 you completed two films: Get Cash and Meeting Place. Please tell us about these productions and the themes behind them.

LR- Yes they are two very interesting movies directed by my collaborator and friend Jason Croot.

Lorenzo RaveggiTAEM- More recently you have been working on several projects. These include Roberto and The Secret of Botticelli. Who are the cast and characters for these films, and tell us something about those behind the cameras?

LR- We have great actors cast young and experienced. We can talk about Lucy Drive, Denise Moreno, Jason Croot, David Frampton, Nicola Posener & Mhairi Calvey that acted in Braveheart, the experienced and great actors Nick Mancuso, Kim Sonderholm and many other talented actors. For The Secret of Botticelli I am waiting on two Big Stars that I am in discussion with.

TAEM- We understand that there are several other productions underway. Can you give us a sneak preview of the work on hand for these ?

LR- Yes. I have the other two kolossals Niccolò Machiavelli il Principe della politica on the real life of chancellor Machiavelli that wrote the famous book “ The Prince “ and the movie on Amerigo Vespucci the famous navigator that explored South America coasts and was the first that understood that America wasn’t a part o Asia continent. Than several other films that I am co-writing with several part of the world and other my projects that started earlier like Love and Power at time of Princess.

Lorenzo RaveggiTAEM- What type of filmmaking style are you applying to all these films, European or American, and why ?

LR- My style. The continuing vision historical ones with a good part of romance inside to loving all historical and drama parts creating a great smell of come backing in the Great World of the Renaissance. Chivalry times great love stories and time of artistic creations.

TAEM- Lorenzo, We want to thank you for your time and I hope that this interview gives our readers some insight to the differences between American and European craftsmanship in creating today’s films . We hope to hear more of you in the future and sincerely wish you luck in all that you do.


Thank you!

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