TAEM J&J movie review of ‘Lincoln’

    This movie is based upon Abraham Lincoln’s personal struggle during the American Civil War. One of the two issues portrayed in the movie involved his quest to abolish slavery by passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. The other issue revolved around his personal life.

The difficulties in passing the bill that might change the future of the country and the history of the world was the main theme. These difficulties were brought about by those who were opposed to change and was further hampered by the conflict between the States. There were only those who would accept the bill’s passage, some for personal gain, and others who wished to reconcile with the Confederacy first. Personal prejudices of many voting on the bill was also a factor holding up it’s passage. Lincoln believed that the Amendment was the essence of the Constitution in that all men were created equal. He used his cunning and oratory skills to convince people to vote in favor of the bill, without changes that might hinder it’s true purpose.

   Abraham’s family and his responsibility as the president had put a big strain on his life. The death of his young son made life between him and his wife unbearable. His eldest son, Robert, was also a sticking point when he demanded that he serve his country by joining the military. The constant bickering between his cabinet members as well as those within his own party made him frustrated and effected his health.

This film was a personal insight of Abraham Lincoln’s life as well as the struggles that he endured. It also shed light on the trials of those who hold the office of the presidency. Although his time in office was held at a critical period in our country’s history, it overshadows most who hold this position. The characters that were portrayed in the film are common place in every political era. The juggling of politics and personalities is a drain on most presidents. This film is not for your average movie viewer and it’s for those who are interested in political insight and drama.

Politics surpassed the boundaries of this movie , directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, as the release of the film was held up due to the November 2012 presidential election. Spielberg did not want this masterpiece to hold sway over the voters by creating undue influence on them, and so had it released afterwards. Daniel Day-Lewis, in the title role was perfect for the part. Sally Field, playing Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd, crowned her acting career with this role.

There is no mistake that this film is headed to the Oscars with Spielberg as Best Director, Lewis as Best Actor, and Field as Best Supporting Actress. The J&J team fields strongly about this and The Arts and Entertainment Magazine   highly recommends this film for all of our readers.




Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joe O’Donnell, Jr.

Joseph O’Donnell

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