TAEM News Flash- Dr. Harold Geller has written a new Book!

aCancerStory13528066cover   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that George Mason University’s Harold Geller has just published another book. The title of the book is A Cancer Story- Along the Road to Death.

The book is based on Harold Geller’s brother, Richard B. Geller, and his fight against Metastasized Malignant Melanoma. It is a compelling story about his fight for life and of the man suffering from this illness. Richard was a brilliant mathematician and his story is worth being told. Harold wanted to write about his brother’s struggle and wished to use it to aid others suffering from this deadly disease.

The book offers messages and e-mails between the two men, and tells of the final days of Robert’s life. This is truly an ode to a great man, and a valiant battle for life. The book is now offered on Lulu and has been submitted to a publisher to be sold on Amazon in the very near future. We have included links and cover art so that our readership can purchase it.


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