TAEM- Waiting For the Washington Capitals

    The Arts and Entertainment Magazine recently sent our paperwork and credentials in to The Washington Capitals hockey team to cover their games. We also hope to have interviews with the players and team owners. We started biting our nails when we found out that the NHL and team player representatives reached an impasse on labor negotiations and contracts. This led to the current ‘lockout’ which put a halt on this season.

News is now filtering out that there may be hope after all, and that players and judges were told to ‘get ready’. There may also be plans in the works to create a 48-game season. This is great news, and not unlike the recent financial ‘fiscal cliff’ we have all been left chomping on the bit.

We did pop in on an event in a local Virginia Mall, where our photographer was able to grab some autographs from Caps players John Carlson and Jay Beagle . I took a picture of the three together and look forward to presenting all the students and fans who follow our magazine full coverage of the Washington Capitals when the time comes. On hand at the event were nine Washington Redskins players but we hope to have paperwork in with the ‘Skins’ in the near future to present stories to our readers about that team. Keep your fingers crossed fans, as we look to expand further into College and Professional Sports.


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