Collection of Poems by Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

The Rendezvous

by Alex Knight


I thought about your lips on mine

And how I used to enjoy our rendezvous

We knew how wrong it was

How right it seemed

When she found out we both knew

It would have to end, but how could it?

Saying goodbye was harder

Than I could imagine


Your email out of the blue

Were not just words on a screen

You needed me more

Than I missed you


To get together, or not

We had promised to end it all

But there you were drawing me

Back into your web


I drove to the park

Not expecting to see her there

Pointing a pistol at me, no match

For an accelerating Hummer


The shot went wide

A short trial and a revelation

She killed you the night

She found us out


I think about your lips on mine

The shrinks all agree she’s cured

Her release date is pending

And I’m waiting.





by Alex Knight


You planned your life

Around its ending


love and joy.

Trying to make me

Believe what you believed



Until too much

Of the Mayan this,


Mayan that.

Icy water realization

You wanted the apocalypse

Absolution for


No backward glance

At your fatal wounds

Your world ended


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